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  1. Alright, here's a thread where we can talk about neat little secrets, easter eggs, bits of lore, etc. that you've discovered in FF games. For example: I'm currently replaying FFVIII for the first time in at least 15 years and have just crashed at Fisherman's Horizon. Did you know there's a little side quest that sheds a lot of backstory on this place involving the fisherman from that particular cutscene of Garden crashing on the pier? I discovered this purely by accident. There's a nearly invisible ladder that you can climb that's just off the crane. It brings you down to a series of walkways and ladders that takes you to the Master Fisherman, where he gives you Occult Fan III. Talk to him again and he asks you to go and talk to his student, the boy fishing off the boat by the item shops. Talking to the kid triggers a couple of hilarious little sequences in which he nearly murders the item shop owner, but he finally masters the art of casting a rod. Go back and talk to the Master Fisherman and you get quite a lengthy but sweet story sequence showing how Fisherman's Horizon was founded, how they came up with the name, etc. It was a genuinely nice bit of story telling that got tucked away. On first finding this, I thought it was a glitch because that ladder was so well hidden.
  2. I think there's a difference between people who are proud and people who are just big headed. I actually think pride is quite an admirable trait in someone who is otherwise quite humble and genuinely a nice person. It's not a case of bragging about one's own accomplishments, but more feeling pleased at that sense of achievement, which I think everyone deserves to feel no matter what they've managed to accomplish. As an example, I felt proud about waking up at 9am this morning despite it being a Saturday and only having about four hours sleep. But, I don't go to my mates being all "Aww, I'm such a LEGEND for waking up early this morning!" It's more of a personal satisfaction and gave me the sense of achievement in having got to do all my errands for the day much earlier, allowing me to enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever the hell I please. ?
  3. Uh, if I was to choose a single game with a favourite FF soundtrack, it would be Dissidia, only because those soundtracks are pretty much a compilation of some of the best tracks from older games. Would Nobuo Uematsu's band The Black Mages count as a Final Fantasy Soundtrack? If so then that'd be my choice of favourite.
  4. 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer. I will smash you all at it.
  5. Cosmo Canyon. Imagine how fucking magical it would be just chilling around the fireplace, enjoying some good beverages with good company and good music (preferably from someone good at singing and playing guitar or some other acoustic instrument) under the night sky.
  6. I actually really enjoyed it. To be fair, I wasn't really expecting much out of it when I saw it in the cinema, so I kinda had a bit more of an objective view to it. It certainly was no Final Fantasy, but I was actually blown away by the cgi. As a generic sci-fi romp, it was pretty solid. I thought the phantoms were pretty wicked. In fact, I actually found them quite terrifying. The idea that something could literally snatch the life out of you with a mere touch sent shivers down my spine. Personally, I think this film would have been much better received if it didn't have Final Fantasy in its title. It was a good film on its own merits, but because it was "Final Fantasy", naturally people are going to draw comparisons and have entirely different expectations to what was put out.
  7. I usually have more of a problem with making time to play games lately. I mean sure, I can't exactly afford splurging on all the newest releases and stuff. Last game I actually purchased on release day was Breath of the Wild (totally worth it) and then before that, I pre-ordered Arkham City on X-box 360. Considering how quick the prices on games goes down though, I think £50 is pretty steep. I could probably justify it if I knew I was gonna play it immediately and I was super excited for it, but nowadays I'd rather just wait a couple of months until it's cheaper. I mean, it's only recently I've been playing Alien Isolation and Horizon Zero Dawn (got the complete editions for both those games for only £10 and £20 respectively, which is a fucking bargain!) on PS4 and I can happily hold off buying any new games until I've beaten them. I've also got a big list of games that have also been out for some time now that I want to play as well, so again that's gonna keep me going for a good while.
  8. I use quite a few. Mobile apps have come in especially handy for tickets as well, which has saved me having to stuff my wallet full of paper tickets that usually end up getting forgotten about and mixed up with more recent tickets and all that. I'd say my most used apps are: Soundcloud, WhatsApp, Messenger, G-Mail, YouTube, PlayMusic, Trainline, CardiffBus, Fatsoma and online banking. Favourite apps are: Soundcloud, YouTube and The Big Lez Soundboard for shits and giggles.
  9. Umm, I'd say I'm an extroverted introvert. I enjoy company. I'm usually at my happiest when I'm with my small circle of friends, but at the same time I enjoy just doing my own thing on my own as well. Totally relate to needing some quiet time to recharge after being around people for too long. Especially with crowds of people, it can be so mentally exhausting even if you're not actively taking part in conversations. So, yeah, I'd say I'm a bit of both.
  10. I guess they're a pretty good standard to go with if you've never really played video games much yourself. However, as someone who's been gaming since the age of 5, it would be a case-by-case deal with me. With my 8 year old, I wouldn't stop him playing a game that's got a bit of gore or violence in it. I'd steer him away from the really gruesome horror games, or hyper-violent games like Mortal Kombat, GTA, etc. It's a bit of a funny one because I remember playing Mortal Kombat on the SNES and Mega Drive back in the day and found it especially thrilling that the Mega Drive version had all the gore in it. But, compare that to MK X and the realism of the graphics now compared to back then, I don't see myself as being a hypocrite. If my little one did want to play the first trilogy, that'd be fine with me though and I'd probably be more than happy to whoop him on 2 player. It's mostly just about common sense. Research whatever you're buying your child, letting them watch, etc. You should know your own child better than anyone so at the end of the day what you feel your child is allowed to play is entirely up to you and your child. If you both feel comfortable with it then go for it.
  11. Mad signing up to this place again. Would be cool to reconnect with the old forum people, but meeting new people is cool as well. ? Loving the new layout by the way, it looks awesome! P.S: This guy needs to be reinstated as a smiley.
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