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  1. Nope. What is the point of playing a time-consuming fun game, designed to challenge you and solve problems critically and creatively if you desired to finish it within a couple of minutes by hacking or cheating in the game? Hacking a game to gain more points without earning it through hard work is unfair and would not probably enhance your gaming skills or give you a tactical idea to defeat a certain character or experience the blissful moment of accomplishing a given task, which allows you to enter the next level. A game is meant to be played not meant to be hacked and lazily acquire the desired level or status.
  2. Anytime in the morning after waking up. If I woke up at 8 am then I would eat at 8:30 am. Of course, I need enough time to cook and prepare my breakfast. Though many people especially students and workaholic people skip breakfast to avoid getting late and reprimands or sanction, I think breakfast is still important because going to work or school with empty stomach would not make them fully productive in doing their work. Food acts as a fuel to the body and helps us to function well and finish a certain task quickly without experiencing a hunger pang, impeding you to do the activity.
  3. According to health enthusiasts, young people are required to sleep from 7,8 or more hours but not more than 10 hours because that would lead to bed sores or a headache. Oversleeping and sleep deprivation are both not good for our health. Everything must be in balance to have a healthy body and mind. So, since I believed in the saying that "Health is wealth", I applied what the health experts suggested which is 7 or 8 hours and try not to deprive myself with sleep. Lack of sleep would decrease my productivity level, attention, and my brain's overall functionality. But if a certain task that I needed to finish before the due date, then I would choose to sacrifice my good sleep just to finish the task given and maintain my reputation as being a good responsible student. ? ?
  4. If you are a person who travels a lot, I think having a power bank is necessary because you might be on the mountain where there are no sockets to be seen and be plugged in to recharge your phone. But if taking out your phone to picture the wonderful scene of a certain place you visited is not your thing and prefer to live in a moment and observe the grandeur of your surroundings, then it is okay not to bring or buy a power bank. Powerbank is designed to charge a device in a place where there is no available electricity to push the electrons of your phone's battery from cathode to anode.
  5. The weekend is a great time for me to do my favorite hobbies, drawing, and writing. Also a time for hanging out with my friends by strolling around the park and sharing life stories with each other. But if there is an assignment that I needed to finish, of course, I would not procrastinate and do it already because doing it one day before the due date would increase the level of my cortisol, a stress hormone and eventually acne breakout would occur, which is annoying.
  6. The most used application on my phone is Wattpad because I am an avid reader. I like reading thrilling and horror-related short stories and poems. The words constructed by a creative writer draw a smile on my face and gave me an idea in how they compose an amazing idea. I do also write books in Wattpad but not a story or a poem but a scientific non-fictional book. I just like reading articles related to science because it always blows my mind and inspired me to share what I have learned to my science-lover readers.
  7. It depends on the situation. I do not usually wear my contact lens every day because according to my optometrist, I have dry eyes and prolonged usage of contact lens would make my eyes drier which can exacerbate my vision. I wear my contact lens when I am playing basketball so I could have a higher chance of shooting the ball accurately.
  8. Youtube will always be my favorite social media site because it is where I learned new kinds of stuff and enjoy watching funny videos and reading funny comments. Youtube taught me things that I never learned from school and honestly open my mind and eyes to the truth on what is really happening in this cruel world and inspired me to do something about it. ?
  9. I identify myself as an ambivert, someone who both acquires some characteristics of extrovert and introvert. Sometimes, I feel like I want to socialize to other people and sometimes I experience this feeling of ostracizing myself from social groups because I feel tired communicating and prefer to immerse myself in reading, writing, or drawing. I like also meeting new people but there are times that I am not in a mood in knowing a certain stranger's name and their life story. It actually depends on my mood and on the situation where I am in.
  10. My favorite anime of all time is the most popular anime, Naruto series simply because I can relate to him. His story from being a lonely person due to his monster living inside of him to a most respectable prominent hokage beloved by his people in konoha village and his friends and family inspired me to strive for greatness. His story also gave me insight about the importance of friends and heroism.
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