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  1. It's an addictive game with awesome created creatures fell in love with it since my childhood SNES the new super mario Bros. and Galaxy 1 and 2 and all the other Marios were so exciting when they evolved whoch surprised me and still impresses me every time i play it in other words. Marios game play has never be a matter of boredom to me quite the contrary.  

  2. I'd have to go against the majority and choose Normal Form, Valor Form, and Master Form. Master has some extremely wide attack range, and Valor gives Sora High Jump. But if you really think about it, We all love Sora just the way he is. And, as Regular Sora, he is able to use abilities from all other forms other than Anti-Form. Sora is a Well-balanced Character.

  3. There’s a reason Counter-Strike has been popular for as long as it has it’s one of the most focused and technical first-person shooters out there, with a heavy reliance on team-based dynamics, game sense, and pure skill. Its challenge and depth don’t just make it one of the toughest competitive shooters to master it also makes it the most rewarding

  4. I played lot of Clash of Clan back in the day with friends, one of the favorite games I have played so far on mobile. It's pretty addictive. Sadly that is one of the reason I stop playing because it's took so much my leisure time. Now I play couple of puzzle games when I bored. Jelly slicer one of my favorite. It's simple and fun, but you need little bit of imagination, critical thinking to get to high level. Another reason I love this game it has pretty awesome graphics

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