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  1. I have been skipping breakfast for two weeks now since I started this new diet technique that I just learned about. Although many are saying that skipping breakfast is not good for physical and mental health, I still opted to try this new diet scheme. So, this diet is called Low Carb Intermittent Fasting (LCIF) diet. So, basically, you hold off eating on certain periods, the fasting state and during feasting state you only eat Low Carb foods. So far, by just following these guidelines I was able to loose 5 kilograms in just 2 weeks. Amazing, right?
  2. I have always liked the supermario game. The simplicity and quirkiness of the game always keeps me feeling light and relax. As a child, this was a favorite family game and I love it. Looking back on it now that I am already an adult with two kids of my own I can feel the nostalgia. One day when my kids are big enough, I will introduce this game to them and maybe we will have some great and happy family fun time of our own.
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