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  1. It's a shame that this didn't take off. These forums are way more user-friendly than most I've been on, especially ones that just use a generic layout. I'd argue that Discord likely has the most impact on smaller forums, as it seems like most of them use it instead.
  2. I wouldn't expect Remake 2/'whatever they'll call it' for a while. Hopefully they announce it when it's close to being finished, instead of making people wait for years again.
  3. I'm expecting around $500 for the regular version, maybe $400-450 for digital. Kinda dumb that there isn't a price (or release date) for both the PS5 and Series X yet.
  4. It seems like there's work being done on a mod for upscaled backgrounds. The one made for FFIX was excellent.
  5. Nope, didn't touch a lot of the extra content in XV. I did a few side quests, but wasn't really enjoying the game overall. Might pick up the PC version at some point and give it another try.
  6. Is this the first console that requires a stand just to be used horizontally? No idea why they didn't make at least one side of the PS5 flat.
  7. The X-2.5 novel was already bad enough, so I don't think another sequel would be a good idea.
  8. The PS5's design is... odd. Especially the regular version, as it loses the symmetry of the digital only one.
  9. I hope this contest helps the site out. I found out about FFExtreme through the last giveaway, that someone I follow on Twitter won.
  10. Damn, I was looking through the forum for FF XIV threads, and the only one I found has someone being homophobic in it
  11. Yeah, the delay makes sense. The event will likely still take place this month anyway.
  12. I liked the updated character models, but I wish they had done more with the prerendered backgrounds.
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