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  1. The most used app for me is Facebook, online banking and youtube. I also used an app that pays for watching videos or playing games, now I am waiting to see if they will pay me these days.
  2. I usually spend my weekends traveling with my family but if we have a low budget we stay home and make a barbeque with our friends or we go out for a walk in the park.
  3. I have a set hour for my breakfast and this happens because I am at work at that time, I am eating at eight am every morning. Until my breakfast, I drink a coffee without sugar.
  4. I have never hacked a game because I love to play a game for real, I like the challenge and I like to win because I can not because I cheat. I hate gamers who cheat to win, is not fair at all.
  5. I have played this game in the past, it was a good catching game, I didn't finish as you did. I gave up on this game as I did with the other games to play Counter-Strike and Minecraft.
  6. I guess I am the only one here who like this, my favorite Keyblade is the decisive pumpkin because of the look and sound.
  7. When I was a child my favorite season was the winter but now I cannot stand the cold, rain or snow, I love warm and sunny days so, my favorite season is the summer. I love the warm days and to go to the beach and enjoy the sea.
  8. I usually don't wear glasses, I did in the past but only for protection for any screen as TV, tablet, PC or laptop, now, I don't wear anymore because my doctor said that I am ok and I don't need them anymore.
  9. I always try to sleep at least eight hours but I usually sleep for five hours because I am going to sleep at eleven and I wake up at five am to go to my job.
  10. I am addicted to playing games so, I cannot stay one day without playing a video game. If I don't have time to play games on my PC I will still playing on my cell phone while I am traveling or I am at my job.
  11. This depends on the game, I have played Minecraft for 4 years and I left this game for CS: GO and I am still playing Minecraft from time to time. The rest of the games wasn't that important so I gave up on them faster.
  12. I am that type to hit things around me when I get frustrated while playing video games, I am a calm person and the worse I can do is to scream or just turn off my PC.
  13. There is no right time to do this, we should let our kids to be prepared for this change in their life, when they will be ready they will ask to live and be independent. This has nothing to do with education because I know people who didn't finish their studies but they left their home found a job and now they have their own business.
  14. I am a spender for sure, in fact, I cannot save money at all because I spend all my money in the house with my family, it is impossible for me to save money when my kids have so many desires and most of them I cannot fulfill.
  15. Considering that I work a lot in the rest of the days, I spend my weekend with my family, in some cases, I am going out with my friends to a beer or fishing, but I usually stay home with my family.
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