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  1. Following in the footsteps of Nintendo, Sony has announced that it will be releasing a scaled down version of its original console that includes some of fans' favorite games. The console will include twenty games, anchored with Final Fantasy VII. Although the whole library has not been revealed yet, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, and Jumping Flash have also been announced. I'm looking forward to see which other titles will be announced, any ones you guys are hoping for? The console is to be released this December and will also include two of the original PSX controllers. These are the ORIGINAL controllers, meaning there are no analog sticks. I haven't played any of these games without analog support and I'm not sure how that will translate... But do I really need to play FFVII again? .... Yeah, probably. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/playstation-classic-december-20-games/ Read the full story here
  2. Isn't the international community taking notice of it, though? I mean, the only detractors that come to mind immediately are the United States and China, but even China is making strides with renewable energy. The United States current state is a bit regrettable but these things come in waves. Yes the US has left the Paris Accords (an international agreement that set bars for renewable energy goals to meet in the future), but just that an agreement such as the Paris Accords exists in the first place is progress. Hopefully America will adjust its stance in the future.
  3. Square Enix released its lineup for TGS this year (starting next weekend) and their Final Fantasy VII remake is absent from the list. Not sure if this is any indication that the game is hitting new roadblocks, but maybe they want to focus on Kingdom Hearts 3. They will also be announcing several new titles. There's also supposed to be new footage for their game The Quiet Man, which, I have to say, is one of the stranger upcoming releases. It seems like a callback to FMV story games with integrated combat. Really curious whether or not that title stays on the rails. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1015150/Square-Enix-news-Final-Fantasy-7-Remake-release-date-Kingdom-Hearts-TGS
  4. I remember this game! Odd choice for a re-release but I'm interested in revisiting it. To be honest, I never finished the game. I think it was one of the things where you take a break from a game for an extended period of time and just forget what you were meant to do next. Looking forward to playing this.
  5. What is your favorite Final Fantasy soundtrack? There are a bunch of songs throughout the FF series that immediately strike some nostalgia chords, but for me my favorite soundtrack of the series was Final Fantasy VIII. Much of the soundtrack is contemplative and a bit quieter than some of the other games. Many of the songs did wonders to exacerbate the lonely atmosphere of the game. Hands down, my favorite song from FF8 is the theme for Balamb Garden:
  6. I was always put off from playing FF Crystal Chronicles because of the multiplayer aspect of it. Is it still an enjoyable game if played in single-player?
  7. I've been on a retro-RPG kick lately and have been wanting to revisit some classics. Chrono Cross is one of the best RPGs of the Playstation era and I'd like to find a game similar to it. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Chrono Cross is the wide array of playable characters that you can discover and have join your party. Right now I'm replaying Legend of Dragoon and it isn't as great upon revisiting. The story is... lacking, but the battle system is still enjoyable. I've never played Chrono Trigger but have had that suggested before. I could never get into the aesthetic style of the game.
  8. I've been hearing mixed reactions regarding the VII remake. Last I heard they were planning to release it in volumes or episodes? I may be wrong, but nevertheless I'm still excited for it to come out. With PS4 nearing the end of its lifecycle, I wonder if it could be an exclusive for the PS5.
  9. Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game I played and it was my first ever RPG game I had ever played. I was a bit confused by the mechanics at first because I was young, but I was eventually hooked. I revisit the game occasionally and still love the battle system and the music. There's something very satisfying about leveling up materia to the point that the characters are practically invincible. There are aspects of the game that have not aged well, though. The marching mini-game in Junon is not very fun and the snowboarding mini-game is a bit corny now... Also, Cait Sith is a very confusing character. Was the cat controlling the big guy or what?
  10. Hey, I'm new to the forum but have always loved the Final Fantasy series. Happy to find the forum and looking forward to being a part of the community.
  11. This past week's Nintendo Direct announced a bunch of Final Fantasy ports, many of which have never been on a Nintendo console. The Final Fantasy games coming to Switch are: - Final Fantasy VII - Final Fantasy IX - Final Fantasy X & X-2 - Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition -World of Final Fantasy Maxima I'm curious how large the supplemental downloads will be if the main line games receive a physical release. I'd like to revisit some of the older Final Fantasy's, especially Final Fantasy XII. I never gave that one much of a chance. I've also never played Crystal Chronicles, was it any good? What's curious, though, is the absence of Final Fantasy VIII. I wonder why they're porting all of the main Playstation era games except VIII. There are a lot of divisive opinions on that entry in the series but I always liked it. There are some glaring plot-holes and some corny ex-machinas used to flesh out character relationships, but I enjoyed the battle system and the game has some of the best music of the series. Is anyone else looking forward to replaying some of these big Final Fantasy titles on the Switch?
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