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  1. According to some doctors that I have had appointments with, they kept telling me then that eating breakfast is one of the important meals that we should always eat. While some feel okay taking breakfast by 8am, others don't eat till 11am. What time do you normally eat every morning?
  2. Using cheats on some games is something that I never felt like doing. Back in those days, I used to play pes with friends and while some of them can use r2 to score curved goals, I never felt that it is something that I should learn as well.
  3. Working on a daily basis is something that we do to keep the life and daily needs met. While there are people that have offline work that they do while using offline work to support it, we have others that fully depend on online freelancing every month. Is freelancing part time work to you?
  4. In our every day activities, we are always faced with people that are there for the talking and talking and less actions. Some of them are not always ready to agree that there are ways that they could improve. How do you react to such people?
  5. Sleeping everyday is something that we can say that it is supposed be an enjoyable one. However, pressures of work always make us control the way that we sleep. While some enjoy six hours of sleep every day, others make do with less. How much sleep do you get daily?
  6. I think making movements when they are calculated is nice. This is one of the ways that you can develop the habit of being with your family always the best thing.
  7. This is something that is going to be appreciated by those people that are homeless. The thing is doing good where you don't expect any reward from the people is good.
  8. Yeah, this is something that those that are playing hacked versions of the games don't understand. When winnings are that easy, you always notice that the reason of playing the game is defeated.
  9. Funding can be what is making some of those that we believe that they should be talking about this issue not saying anything. They believe that there is no big deal in handling of situations like this as long as we keep living the way that the society can be better.
  10. I am looking at adopting this mentality. The reality of things is that you are going to have fun having some money in your account when others are complaining of not having money. Being a saver has a lot of benefits too.
  11. Using unethical means to win is something that I don't really enjoy as long as I'm concerned. I understand that most young gamers are looking at ways that they can enjoy the fun of cheating to win, but it is not cool at all.
  12. While I was in school, I don't play with going to the game house. I have a special seat for me there as I always go there to play the games that I really enjoy playing. This is the way that I played most popular games back then.
  13. If not because of the issues that we are having with expensive data right here in Nigeria, I will say that going to the YouTube channel is something that is nice for me to do. I think that I always have so much to achieve by doing that unlike when I am wasting time chatting with people that doesn't improve my life in any way.
  14. Relaxing on a Sunday is always a great way to enjoy the weekend. I don't joke with my Sunday noon sleep because that is the only way that I get to enjoy some cool time and happiness.
  15. Playing games on your mobile is kind of convenient to people as this is one of the sure ways that you can get to enjoy some time off your duties. I enjoy playing Top eleven football manager on my mobile phone as well as this is a good way to go about things.
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