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  1. I don't know if I'm in the minority but I've never been a fan of Mario. As a kid, I was more into games with continuity. The ones with save points like Pokemon. When I played Mario, once you deplete all your health, you have to start at the very beginning, from the start. And that's very frustrating for me. Though I do get the appeal of it. I think it's like Flappy Bird in a way. You keep trying to best your last try but it's not for me.
  2. I agree. I spend more time on Youtube than on Facebook or Instagram. Maybe it just depends on the person but I've never met people who're in the same boat. Most just spend hours scrolling down the news feed on Facebook all day. Youtube is just so entertaining and more productive with my time, rather than scrolling past a news feed full of people boosting up their egos with likes and shares.
  3. I agree. I tend to be more irritated with people who speak loud, like they don't think about other people in the room. I just find that in general, people with loud mouths tend to be less mindful of their surroundings and overall just don't mix well with people like me.
  4. I wear glasses instead of contacts. I can't see far with the naked eye. I've heard of many horror stories of using contacts on the web so I just opted for glasses. Even veteran contact users can't do anything about contact lenses that go to the back of the eyeball.
  5. I'd put Naruto on top but it had too many asspulls near the end (4th Great War). They made Madara too OP and I guess the writer wrote himself to a corner. It's one of the most head scratching arcs of the series. And I don't like how Naruto always prevails using the Talk No Jutsu. Had the writer corrected those things which all fans have been complaining since the beginning of the arc, then it would have been on the top with the best. I assume you watched it during your childhood and you're only going for the nostalgia points for your answer, which I do understand in a way.
  6. Moogles have interested me more than Chocobos as a kid. The design is simple and memorable. I guess it's because they keep showing up when I play Final Fantasy as a kid. Plus anything with batwings/devilwings is badass for me.
  7. You release all your anger and frustration by gripping it real hard. Instead of punching a wall or breaking stuff in your house, it's a better cost saving alternative. It's not the best method but it helps like how fidget spinners and people with fiddling problems click a ballpoint pen annoyingly helps calm the nerves.
  8. Not to mention, the ads Facebook is showing up is the stuff we searched in Amazon and not ended up buying. Temptation is everywhere in this cyber age. Like I said before, social media is a pissing contest to see who can piss higher. I suggest not joining that contest for your mental health.
  9. Another question I'd like to raise everyone who commented here is that Did you grow up lonely? It seems like it's a common factor I see when I compare myself to other people who're in the Anime culture. I don't like to generalize but this is just from my observation. I saw this photo online and I related to it so much.
  10. Filipinos are experts in abusing bugs in our telco. I'm signed up in a Facebook group full of bugs and promos for getting free data. There are also other options to get free internet access anywhere. VPNs are often free and some offer free access to the Internet as long as you open your mobile data. A few of my friends abuse this feature as well. Some are paid but it's worth it for a small price.
  11. I've joined countless multiplayer lobbies on Call of Duty and PUBG for example. I haven't encountered a decent English speaking person because I'm from Asia and it connects to Asian servers. I still haven't experienced getting paired with a decent group of people and just playing with them like what I see on Youtube videos.
  12. That's a really biased list from a trusted publication like IGN. I agree with people raging in the comments. Portal 2 is really outdated. I wouldn't be angry if GTA 5 took the top spot. Skyrim also for its popularity at the time. Everyone but me was playing Skyrim and I missed out on that era of gaming.
  13. If your son has to upload to Youtube just for school, it's fine. Put the video on Private and Youtube won't change the music due to copyright issues. Though, if your son plans to publish it to the public, there's royalty free background music on the Youtube app itself and you can change the music in your video in the video editor of the Youtube app.
  14. I'm quite biased in my opinion though as I don't like Apple as a company. The many things I've read about the company recently only served to flame my rage towards them. They won't fix your $5000 spec out Mac and advice you to buy a new unit yourself as it's much cheaper than repairing it.
  15. I also use a Hand Grip Strengthener to relieve stress sometimes. Instead of gripping it as fast as you can, you can try and hold the grip for as long as you can. Plus it does wonders for your forearms which for us office workers is really thin and skinny.
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