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  1. https://www.gamespot.com/forums/games-discussion-1000000/ff13-seems-so-childish-embarrassing-to-play-27174805 The following person wants a more adult game aimed at adults, but honestly, if most fans disagree - then why should the company care?
  2. Someone was making this accusation on another forum. I was wondering if there was any substance to it. OK, well, what do you consider a childish plot? Is it fine for FF? Is it sometimes OK?
  3. I'm guessing they are super-beings that don't need oxygen, kind of like Superman. I mean, they live on all these planets with no protective gear! OK, what are some science facts about the Final Fantasy universe and planets? Are there any? Can anyone guess what's not said?
  4. Have you considered that shorter times would have been better? Why might you feel the long method is better? What exactly was your longest playing time? What was the longest you've done with/without a break?
  5. What do you feel are the pros and cons? What FF game of the past do you think mostly resembles Enix in play and design? Do you feel like playing that game prepared you for Enix?
  6. The different planets seem to be very unique with features with appeal or put off many people. OK, has this always been your opinion? If so, why did you change your mind? Are there any new places you'd like to see on the game?
  7. Which one would be your first pick? Would there be more than one? Are there any games where a regret is felt cause you haven't played them? Why is that so? OK, are there games you have 0 interest in playing?
  8. What kind do you see? Note, I'm not just speaking of famous people, but maybe just ordinary ones. OK, anyone have pics to demonstrate? This could be interesting!
  9. Some of us on games can relate to a character or more. Which ones in this gaming brand do you? What's the reason/reasons? Do you feel like you relate to certain characters more than others?
  10. Which ones do you like? Which ones come to mind? Myself, the whole fighting thing reminds me of Mortal Kombat, but the quest part reminds me of Zelda. Anyone come to the same conclusion?
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