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  1. Winter is my favorite season no matter what. It's my favorite because I'm more comfortable in cold chilly icy weather than hot weather of summer. I don't feel at ease whenever the weather is hot which is something very common especially in summer seasons.
  2. No much sleep and it's already affecting my life in a negative way. Yesterday, I only managed 3 hours of sleep and all throughout the day I have been feeling dizzy and weak. A lot of things are contributing to my less sleep, which work is part of it and some other things. I hope this gets to stop sooner rather than later.
  3. As much as working and making money online is very important, one's family is considered to be of more importance as well because any money which you make is meant to be used for the well being and upkeep of your family. When your family is torn apart all because of your too much devotion to working always, the money made will taste or feel bitter.
  4. Yes exactly, it's how I have seen those who makes use of it in movies - especially American movies. Some people are actually well talented in inventing some odd tools that are very important in helping us manage our mood.
  5. Haha, like I ever had any other choice? I eventually had to throw my lies out the windows because they are useless when I can't get the games to play when I lie to stay at home. We do so many silly things when we were kids for selfish reasons.
  6. If you work all throughout the weekdays, it's only on Sunday that you are left with to catch fun with your family and friends. But on such short time, I don't know if it's to rest or to hang out with friends would be better because remember you only have the Sunday to do so. Monday is new day for work.
  7. I actually tried learning how to play guitar when I took lessons but I seem to get distracted by something along the way and I eventually didn't get to master how to play well. I still manage to know how to play a little but I'm still far behind from being good at it. Maybe later, I would still go back to it.
  8. Haha, yours is even better than mine. You had to cut class sometimes but I don't go to school most times under the disguise of being very sick, only to stay back home to play games when my parents go to work. My plans failed one day when my mother decided to be locking up my games any day I don't go to school.
  9. I have seen this Hand Grip Strengthener used in some movies that I have watched but I don't really know how it works with getting one to learn how to control his emotions and feelings. Maybe it's only going to be understood by me when I get to use it for myself. It's sold in online stores right because I haven't seen it in our open markets here.
  10. Exactly! Some people tend to get caught up in everything that they do and it's not something good. Actually, I was kind of like that when I was a little younger when I was still in the university. I had so many misunderstanding with my girlfriend and it's all as result of my too much commitment to making money on campus and my books more than I gave her attention.
  11. I do agree with you on this about people getting carried away with work and work and work without seeing the damage their too much commitment to work is causing their family. I have seen some families that got divorced or separated as a result of lack of attention from either of the parties involved.
  12. Seriously, the social media is causing a lot of people huge problems than it's helping them which makes people go into so many things under normal circumstances they wouldn't care but for the fact that they want to belong, they keep getting pushed to break their limit.
  13. This is exactly how it makes me feel when I'm playing FIFA AND PES with my friends who are addicted to playing football or soccer games. Once there is money stake involved, we put in complete seriousness into playing as no one loves losing money.
  14. Exactly! Getting one into unnecessary spending is only going to put you into serious debt and always be in wanting. Mastering the ability to control one's urges to always buy or spend is the only way to save money.
  15. We live and make money to spend with our family and possibly good friends as well but when you fail to enjoy life simply because you are looking at making all the money in the world, it's definitely not worth it. As much as it's important to make money, it's equally important to spend good and quality time with your family and friends.
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