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  1. I'm proud to say I did (if it was considered hacking). It only has something to do with character stats, and it doesn't have anything to do with hacking one's account or anything. All I did was swap weapons (there's a way it should be carried out which I will not explain any further), and this method gives me 200% more attack rating compared to the normal one.
  2. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it will depend on what time you wake up. For people who wake up in the afternoon because they stayed up all night, they usually get them hours after lunch because they're already late about something. As for me, I don't usually have breakfast since I wake up late in the afternoon so when I eat I consider that lunch already.
  3. As for me, I wholly absorb everything that they say. I react happily if ever another party tells stories of their achievements in life. But there are times wherein it gets borderline annoying, so what I do is I excuse myself from the conversation by saying I still have a few chores to do, politely and kindly.
  4. I never experienced wearing glasses or contacts or anything to help correct my sight. Up to this day, thank God my vision is still 20/20. I always make it a point to take care of my eyes, and so far it is paying off. I hope I don't get to wear correctional eyewear up until 40.
  5. I agree, and I am not in any way condescending. It's their life to live, and I'm sure that they are just doing what they think is worth doing at the time. I'll say no more haha!
  6. I see. Don't you have unlimited plans over there? I'm referring to an internet connection. I suggest to enjoy YouTube and still save data it's best to watch videos in 360p, it's viewable but of course, having it in HD somehow makes a little difference.
  7. But I wonder, like how are they going to defend that photo. I know someone who posted he's been to China then when I asked him about it, he said he's never been there. My guess is he completely forgot that he posted a photo in the first place, haha!
  8. A whole week awake? Haha, wow, I admire you, man. I can't even stay up for 24 hours, for me to do that I would need tons and tons of coffee.
  9. NerdIndeed


    Hi, @superlicca @allyn2017 @menchuuy58 Welcome to FinalFantasyExtreme. See you around!
  10. My favorite mobile game of all time is CLASH OF CLANS. It is a freemium mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. The objective is to upgrade your buildings and gain loots from enemy bases by attacking them. There are tons of things to do in-game like interacting with other players, joining war events, enhancing your heroes, and a whole lot more. I was addicted to it two years ago, and I must say that it is one of the most enjoyable periods of my life. How about you guys? What is your favorite mobile game? Please do share your thoughts. Thanks!
  11. I do my best to save more than half of what I earn, its a challenge but possible. I'm a little bit of a spender in a way, but I only pay for things that I need. I live a minimalist lifestyle and not into fancy stuff and all that kind of crap. My car is with me for almost ten years, and I have no plans of buying a new one for the next five.
  12. The earlier one learns the harsh realities in life, the better. As for myself, I only learned to be responsible for paying house bills and other things when I was about 30 and how I wish I've done it earlier. But do not let them be on their own, you still have to extend a helping hand when they need it.
  13. Oh, you mean "Flaris," the island where you start off as a vagrant. 50 hours? Man, that's over two days! No sleep? That's dedication right there.
  14. You are right there my friend. While others are brutally honest, there are some who are also brutally dishonest. Like for example, posting Photoshopped photos of them hanging out in some fancy place or something. I know a few people who are like that. I believe their intentions are pure and mainly not to deceive. I guess they only want to keep up with the Jones's.
  15. True however that's the reality of life. Some are just born envious while others don't care. If you utterly don't want to get peer-pressured, stop and cease using social media altogether and focus on improving yourself. Time will pass by, and you'll never notice that you are above them in every way.
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