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  1. Epic! I lived in Tokyo for a few years and highly recommend the Tokyo game show if you’re ever in the city. It’s incredible to see all the new release games. Didn’t get there in 2018 sadly!
  2. On mobile I’m playing Matchington a lot - it’s a game that just helps me zone out and de stress for a bit. For PS4 my husband is really into Unchartered right now, he got a copy cheap for Christmas so we’ve been playing that one a lot.
  3. I’m a nerd but right now I love Matchington. It’s a cheesy kind of game but I love it - if you like bejeweled you’ll enjoy it, because it’s like bejeweled with a Sims type element to it.
  4. Honestly that’s a tough one to answer. I think I have favorites across platforms. Might sound goofy but one of my favorites was Pokémon diamond and pearl for DS. I just have so many great memories from playing it at a good point in my life.
  5. Depends heavily on the game itself for me. I’ve had games where I’ve been bored within 15 minutes of playing them. Other games I could play for months on end and still get a ton of enjoyment from them. It’s highly dependent on how the games have been designed IMO.
  6. Ah, I live in Japan right now for work and didn’t realize that the North American version hadn’t yet been released. Seems like it’s got quite the buzz about it!
  7. My kids aren't at that age yet where they really understand gaming or want to get involved, but it's only a few years off. I think personally I'd just judge the content of the game myself and make a determination on whether I thought it was age-appropriate. Different kids react to things differently so I think in my house we'd do a case by case basis.
  8. Most people usually identify with being either an introvert or an extrovert. I'm definitely an introvert. I enjoy peace and quiet and relaxing on my own - and when I'm around people too much, I definitely need some quiet time to recharge. Would you class yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?
  9. In this day and age of smartphones, a lot of us have favorite apps. Which ones do you use most often? For me it's probably my social media apps, online banking, and Google Docs.
  10. That's how I feel about summers here too. My country gets really hot in summer, so much so that some days can be really unbearable, especially when you factor in the humidity too. It's so hot and sweaty that you just want to stay indoors in the air conditioning!
  11. I've had times in my life where I've battled with insomnia - it sucks. If it's really bad and you can't find a reason why you can't get a good night's sleep, chat to your doctor. They can help!
  12. Sometimes people really are too proud to take on advice. It's hard, for sure, when you're dealing with people like that in your life. I think all you can try to do is encourage them. Often that pride comes from a fear of being hurt or a fear of failure. I try to remember it doesn't always stem from arrogance in people, and that helps.
  13. Are any of you wearers of glasses or contacts? I wear both but mainly contacts. I just prefer them over glasses. Sometimes depending on what I'm doing I'll wear glasses too. How about you?
  14. I always try for 8 hours. I'm the kind of person that really suffers if I don't get enough sleep - I end up becoming really grouchy and short tempered throughout the day if I feel exhausted. I don't mind going to bed early. It's relaxing for me to get an early night.
  15. Yes, it's only part time for me right now. I would eventually like to have a full-time income from it, but it depends on a large number of things as to whether that will happen. These days there are a lot of freelancers out there, so finding enough work to create full time hours/money can prove to be difficult.
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