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  1. GRAV, I don't even know many people anymore who use XD unironically, so that would be a big tip off, haha. I tend to type as stuffy and formal as possible, and your informality is impossible to overlook, which isn't a bad thing, because this is all an internet forum anyways. You're also one of the few people I know who spells 'dood' like a prinny. Actually, the Persona series also has the stipulation that if the leader dies it's game over, so it's just some old Japan thing that they brought back for whatever reason. Makes it a real pain in the butt if something just nukes you
  2. I think we're well past that point, unfortunately. It's a little disappointing, too, that turn-based combat systems have more or less been shunned by modern players. I think SMT is one of the few franchise's willing to make one that's based on anything other than nostalgia. Given the turbulence the Final Fantasy series has undergone with the past few installments, though, I think they're trying to reach out to new audiences, confident that the fans of the first game will return due to hype.
  3. Verbal Tics and such are hard to totally pass up. It's probably the case, either way, I just know GRAV is unmistakeable. I loved the combat system of XIII, but the game definitely takes time to open up, which probably steered a lot of people away. I loved the fact that saboteurs made status ailments against enemies something that actually is worthwhile, as opposed to most final Fantasy and JRPGs (although, weirdly enough, I found status effects to usually be worth it in Persona). I always want a balance between things that are good for the computer and for the player, so that at least made me happy. The whole "game over if leader dies" mechanic was stupid, but fixed in XIII-2, for whatever that's worth. Winning was present through a lot of the game's life, which we joined admittedly late into. By the time of the site's end, we were basically just spamming, anyways, so there was no need to add it. Still winning, though
  4. Honestly, everyone who is willing to join can make a little difference. People are much more likely to join a site that has 50 people, as opposed to 5, since it increases the diversity of opinion. Although when it was only 5 people, we did get to learn a lot about each other, so that's pretty nice too. It's unfortunate a lot of people have probably changed e-mails in the past few years, but it's nice that they'll be given an extended time to join up with the old details. It helps a lot, too, for people that were hoping to recognize others (I'd have been able to tell GRAV instantly, whether he changed his username or not, though). Winning~
  5. I've been trying to talk a few people into it, but I have the issue of the people who spend a lot of time online not really playing Final Fantasy, and the people I know who play FF don't really spend a lot of time online. At least, not on forums. GRAV, we'll have these arguments again over XIII if we must. It really wasn't even that bad. If anything, Vanille and Fang are one of my least favorite parts because of the caddiness. Well, Lightning Returns kinda blew, so I guess I'll give that up. It had so much potential, for a series that didn't need sequels Your winning is revoked, and transferred to me. Like one of those star switches in Mario Party
  6. Wolf's Rain is a good choice; I remember watching it with my sisters when I was young, and though I didn't understand it, I could tell the melancholy of it. I'd only get to understand when I revisited it years later. I tend to like happier and brighter anime, so it's hard to pick a soul-crushing one per se, but probably the end of Cowboy Bebop. Not the least of which reason is that it's the end of a good show
  7. I'll double post to start it off and leave the skeleton there Gameplay: Actually, it's pretty hard to determine, because the Final Fantasy games have had some diverse playstyles, even within their basic methods. For the Job System games [I, III, V, X-2, and Tactics/TA] i'd say it was FFV. The ability to fine-tune your characters was everything I wanted in a Job-based game, and I did prefer the ATB system as opposed to the Tactical Role Playing of Tactics. When it comes to the proper ATB games, though [IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX], my favorite was FFVIII. The junction system was a real base-breaker, being overly complex for no reason, and mitigating the usefulness of magic, unless a hit to stats was considered acceptable. It allowed for a great flexibility in character building, however, and I developed a lot of patience early in life by sitting through battles drawing the magic out of boss fights for 20 minutes. It's understandable that wasn't really popular. Story: Final Fantasy VI. As opposed to later games that would trim down the fat of characters to focus more on their development, FFVI explored a myriad of character sin a changing world. The player was introduced to the world through the lens of a brainwashed girl, allowing them to discover much of the world as she did, and making early game introductions to the ideas of the setting more readily digestible. A few characters were more or less unimportant to the plot [Umaro], but ultimately it was because of the decision to focus on the world and the people it produced, instead of glorifying the cast of characters being played. Kefka was also one of the best Final Fantasy villains. I also loved the themes and ideas the story attempted to convey, although it loses some points for making a lot of it hide beyond sidequests in the second half. Setting: FFVI again, for similar reasons as discussed above. FFX is very close, if not tied, however. Some bias exists, for it was the first of the PS2 FFs, and thus the first I got to experience in all its splendor, but the game was given a lot of love, and the backstory combined the elements of Magitek and fantasy the series had been toying with for the last several iterations, while still allowing fantasy to win in the end. The level of schizo tech was easily forgiven as ruins of a bygone age, without questions lingering about why the tech was only used for some purpose. The villains also got to explore some reasonably deep themes that were given merit by the struggles of the world, and the political turmoil was relateable, while not as overbearing as it could be in later games.
  8. As the title says, what Final Fantasy appealed to you most? To break it down, too, we'll ask for three categories: Gameplay: Story: Setting: Also, why were they your favorite for that category? Were there any games that came close to rivaling it?
  9. The Moonfire Faire is Final Fantasy XIV's official summer event, and it is returning on August 13th at 1 a.m., running until August 26th at 7:59 PDT. Included in this Summer Faire is a new emote, outfits, and, most importantly, the ability to acquire certain items that were available in previous Faires. The quest can be initiated in Limsa Lominsa so long as the character is level 30, by speaking with Mayaru Moyaru at the aftcastle. Official Announcement by Square Enix here
  10. Ever since the Final Fantasy VII remake was announced at E3 2015, fans have been patiently awaiting any small scrap of news they could about what the remake would encapsulate. With FFVII being available on the Playstation Store already as a revived title, the direction that this remake would take has been in question. In 2015, alongside the initial announcement, a short trailer [1] was released showing what appeared to be live-action gameplay, similar to FFXV. After that, however, focus was shifted into Kingdom Hearts 3, and FFVII was tabled. In Tetsuya Nomura's own words, the game had been announced too early, but he was concerned about the news breaking out in a different, less official way [2]. Recently, however, a job listing was posted for a 3DCG Designer. As quoted in an article by Tech Spot [3]: It is conceded that Japan has a different idea on what constitutes an 'action' game than American audiences do, but this may be the final confirmation that we are getting a FFVII similar to the initial trailer. While news has been hard to come by regarding the game, it seems that this job posting has solidified the nature of the combat system. FFVII remake is still without a release date for the first part, but hope remains that we will receive more news as we approach the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3. [1]: Playstation official trailer for FFVII remake on youtube [2]: Interview with Tetsuya Nomura by Italian Videogame magazine "Multiplayer" [Translated from Italian] [3] Article by Tech Spot
  11. Oh, I guess I wasn't fully aware that it didn't count towards the total post count. I suppose that may have been an issue Ralph didn't smile upon us, we were basically just S**tposting by the end of it. But it was the only real activity we had to discuss. That, and it's hard to hold long talks about FFXIII which had just come out, because I was the only one on the site left who actually enjoyed playing it. x.x Doesn't mean I smiled upon all the sequelitis it got, though. +1 Win~
  12. Hopefully the closer we get to KH3, the more information we'll be able to post on the website anyways. Square has been pretty tight-lipped for the past few years, admitting that the announcements they've had have been premature and only made to appease those who were beginning to give up hope projects were still being worked on. As people begin to search more for KH3 info, so long as we provide it, we may be more likely to get some views. E3 would have been a nice time for this, as people scour to get every possible opinion, but I know little enough about web design to know it must be a fearsome beast to be reckoned with. I just remember that we constantly pleaded with the admin (I guess that would have been Ralph) to make one of us a mod to help clean up the spam, and allow the site to get back into business. The silence we got was pretty much as loud as it could have been. It's a shame that it deteriorated to such a point, but I'm happy to know someone cared enough to try and get this all up and running; to that extent, you 100% have my support. I've been trying to scour for any bit of Square Enix news for this genre, but it's been pretty hard to find, or several months outdated, at which point I wonder where the line is between the need for information and the need for relevant information. Hopefully we'll get into some luck with a square conference or something about the FF7 remake. If we can get our hands on any of that, things might take a sudden turn as people cling to all the hope they can get of additional information. And, to be fair, spam has always been a genre of "anything goes" as far as I've been concerned. Serious talk isn't too offensive, so long as everyone knows I win in the end
  13. I think there are two primary factors into it. 1. The "power unleashed" aspect that comes with having your inhibitions removed. It's not a small thing that you mentioned Cecil's thought process of concern towards whether or not he could fight his friend. In many forms of media, mind control/inhibition removal is always treated as a quick path to power; that doubt and emotion take away from how perfect a fighter can be at their apex. We actually have some precedent for this, I think, also in FFIV: Golbez's indentity is kept secret for some time, until FuSoYa mentions it to Cecil. Perhaps, to avoid the same issue as had been had with Kain, FuSoYa mentions it in advance in order to give Cecil time to compartmentalize it, and prevent it being used at the last second to sway Cecil's resolve. I can't remember 100%, though, maybe it was told after Golbez was free of the mind control, but with Kain as an example, we already knew being subjugated again was possible. Furthermore, with all of that aside, Kain didn't seem to be mind-controlled as thoroughly as Golbez was (who seems to have forgotten everything about his life except Zemus's plan). What was controlled was a certain emotional aspect, the jealousy he felt towards Cecil and Rosa. Though he hesitates to kill his friend, as the true feelings fight within, I think it's fair to say that Kain was tapping into anger that they admit already existed; like Anakin and Luke both, Kain taps into the power of the dark side to channel that hatred. Anger is always shown to be a quick but corrupting path to power, and it may have been enough to beat down a dark knight who was already starting to question the path he had chosen (As they mention in Mysidia 20 or so minutes later, Cecil's heart was questioning most of his actions) If you've played FFVIII, consideration of Irvine's behavior in Disc 1 can also be applied, but I don't want to spoil that example if you haven't played the game. 2. Cecil and co. had been fighting a few rough battles in Fabul previous to this point. While it may have been simple encounters from the party's perspective, the encounters were enough to kill several guards, and game mechanics do not always show the full perspective of what's happening. Exhausted and thunderstruck by the appearance of his best friend, I don't think it's too surprising that Cecil was beaten pretty quickly. A final note, while I think they mention at the beginning that Cecil was Baron's top knight (or similar wording to imply he is the #1 of the Baron armies), that doesn't have to mean the power discrepancy between Kain and Cecil was too large to start with. Could be that after he mind control, Kain was put through some tough training to catch up to Cecil for team evil (Like the excuses used to bring Vegeta to Goku's level, and, for an episode or two, overcome him before the plot gives Goku a shiny sword and healing magic different colored hair)
  14. That would be pretty cool, but mostly in a nostalgia sense. I suppose that means I'm all for it, though, because I am very sentimental. I actually continued trying to post in these forums up to around 2015/2016 or something, hoping maybe he rescinded the ban on posting. I was also hoping against hopes that I could get the contact information of a few more people who had been around, but I guess they must have split once they realized it was officially dead. I talked to DuMbAsS (AKA Lai) about it, and he said he might come check it out. Unfortunately, he and GRAV were the only ones I ever got info from. So now I'm shilling to all my friends who are even lukewarm on FF, haha And a winner is me
  15. I played quite a few MMOs through middle school, but they had primarily been small, free ones, since I wasn't old enough to pay a subscription. At some point I had grown an aversion to the concept, because they usually petered out for me somewhere around the time everything is either slightly too high leveled to kill, or too low level to be worth experience. I had been replaying a lot of older Final Fantasies, though, and wanted to play a Dark Knight in a steadier fashion (Bravely Default was the clincher, actually, but you don't get the class until relatively late). I found that it was an option in FFXIV, so I got it and started playing it... Only to be 30 days in and still many, many hours of content away from the option to spec into it. I've been enjoying the game a lot, though. I tend to be pretty obsessive with the things I play anyways, so it's been a good fit. Especially because it can't be beaten, I can't get to the final dungeon and chicken out; the reminder I'm paying for it also convinces me to play. I can handle repetitive tasks, so mining and leveling all of the crafting skills hasn't proven to be an issue for me. I dragged a few friends into it too, which helps, but schedules are difficult to coordinate when everyone is an adult and still trying to squeeze in other games. I don't have enough experience with MMOs, to really judge how worth it is in comparison to, say, WOW, but I've been entertained for the last 30 or so days
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