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  1. Really depends on the game. Some I have quite within a few minutes, while some I have dropped mid way. I remember dropping Read Dead Redemption 1 at mid point, just as the new Island unlocks. I literally dropped Metal Gear Solid, as I was not able to kill the waves of enemies when you get Meryl out of prison, but I got back to it after a year and finished the game multiple times.
  2. I have never shown frustration physically, meaning at physical things. It's usually shown through curse words and loud voice. Currently the most frustrating game for me is Rocket League, specially when I play against my friends.
  3. I play more games during the weekdays than the weekend. During the weekend, I have to give time to my family and kids, and sometimes I hangout with my cousins. Before marriage, weekend used to be full on LAN gaming parties. We would bring our consoles hook them up and play COD or Halo for extended period of times.
  4. I must say Read Dead Redemption 2, if it makes to PC, otherwise it has to be Resident Evil 2 Remake.
  5. Yes, I have played the game. I heard lots of praise for the first part that came in the year 2000, but I never got to play it. My first experience with the game was through Deus Ex Human Revolution, and the game left a great impression on me. I was really impressed by the game play and the choices given in the game. I never got around to playing the latest entry in the franchise, the bad reviews haven't helped either.
  6. If I was skilled enough to play games for money, I would have had a second thought for a second. So, being mediocre in competitive games means that I play only for the fun of it.
  7. My first experience with the franchise came through FF8. Most of the guys I knew started with FF7, but I wasn't impressed by the tiny character models in the game.
  8. The fight between Siefer and Squall in FF8 really felt good back in the day. Although it was short, the animation was crisp and was really ahead of its time.
  9. I think you should, it's a fun game and a pretty good balance between hard and easy.
  10. Yes, it was a pretty fun game. Although the combat was inspired by Arkham series, it added some uniqueness through different fighting styles. I wonder why they cancelled the sequel.
  11. Although not fan of the FF13, but this girl has nailed it with the cosplay.
  12. There will always be some resemblance between the game character and real people. For example, Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar claiming that the girl used in the poster resembles her. The characters are no doubt based on actual people most of the times, so it isn't a surprise that one would feel that they are quite similar to a real person one has seen.
  13. Role playing games are in abundance, but there are only a few titles that belong to an established franchise. Final Fantasy came in to existence around 30 years back and is still going strong with new entries every few years. Witcher came in to existence in 2007, when the first part of a trilogy was released. The franchise has established itself as a pioneer of role playing games, with amazing graphics, gameplay and innovation. It's time to choose your camp and pick one out of the two!
  14. I have been playing since Atari days, but as I was around 5 or 6 at that time I wasn't allowed to play for long hours. PS was also an amazing era for me, spent so much time on that console.
  15. I think it would have to be around four to five hours and it was during the 90's when SEGA and Nintendo were dominating the console scene. I owned Sega Genesis system and used to play Sonic for extended periods of time. Those were the days I tell you.
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