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  1. The soundtrack quality has always been one of my favorite parts of the FF series. It's awesome, especially some of the amazing work they managed to do on older consoles with a limited range of sounds and notes to choose from. That being said, as much as I love One Winged Angel, my all time favorite will probably always be the masterpiece that is Dancing Mad.
  2. Since those all redirect to the front page, I assume they're a work in progress, but there's one thing in particular I'm curious about; the shop. Is there going to be a store page for staff or members to post their fanmade works? It would be a cool way to encourage people to share Etsy pages or print stores or anywhere else they're selling their fan works. You could quarantine self-promotion to it's own thread so people don't spam, and have the mods add approved links to a storefront that redirects to peoples personal stores. Another idea would be getting an affiliate link of some kind and using it to raise money for the site. I don't know if you're paying for server space or anything like that, but I've always found Amazon affiliate links a non-intrusive way of raising funds. If there was a cool list of quality merch on the site, I'd be more that willing to buy my next desk decoration through it. I'm just spit-balling though.
  3. I actually prefer dark backgrounds in most cases, but this is a good point. There's a very common medical condition that makes it harder for people to see bright text on a dark background vs. dark text on a bright background. The name escapes me at the moment, but it's part of the reason computer terminals transitioned from the Matrix-esque black and green to what we see today (That, and the fact that it's closer to reading on paper). It would probably be a good idea to have at least one alternative site theme that suits people with such needs. People that can't read the site comfortably won't stick around long enough to make an account and post about it.
  4. I love playing retro games, and considering their usually tiny file size I figure they'd be perfect for me to pass the time on my phone when I'm out and about. Thing is, I know plenty of good emulators for PC, but when it comes to mobile I'm clueless. My biggest concerns are functionality and the controls. I know a lot of mobile games that look fine, but just control so bad they're no fun to play. While I'm at it, anyone have any retro games (bonus points if it's a Square Enix game) they wish would get a mobile port?
  5. If you've got deep enough pockets, sure. Of course, if you're willing to settle for the look without the gear, you could get it yourself right now. Again, if you have deep enough pockets. I don't know about you, but personally, damn.
  6. Yes and no. I'm not a parent but I'm a firm believer that you need to be an active participant when it comes to screening content for your kids. I wouldn't blindly trust the ESRB to be fair; they give general ratings that apply to a general audience, you've got a specific kid, and what's appropriate for them won't always be the same as what's appropriate for someone else's kid. That being said, it's a decent first step. It lets you know at a glance the range of content you're likely to find, and you can go from there. E for everybody is generally safe for, well, everybody. Higher ratings you'll have to pick and choose. The ESRB isn't perfect but I honestly don't think it could be much better considering what it is.
  7. It's been a while since I did much forum browsing, but I've been looking for a new place to make my casual posting site of choice. Work is dull and I hardly ever go out except for on the weekends, so I really enjoy having a place to chat with people during the week when I've got the free time. I haven't played every FF game out there but I've got a lot of strong memories attached to games like FF4, FF7, and Kingdom Hearts from my childhood. I look forward to recommendations and discussion.
  8. The Mana series was one of my first and favorite RPG's. I borrowed a copy of Sword of Mana from my cousin when I was younger and, well, kinda held onto it and forgot I had until years later. He never asked about it so I guess he didn't miss it. My criminal activity aside, I really love the game, and I wish we could get another entry in the series that doesn't involve me pulling out my credit card. If anyone's played Dawn of Mana and Heroes of Mana, do you think they're worth hunting down? I haven't played every game in the Mana series and I'd love to get myself some nostalgic gifts this holiday season.
  9. It's the era of reboots and revivals, and it feels like everyone's favorite memories are coming back for another few appearances. That being said, how much do you think we'll get out of Kingdom Hearts returning to the scene? I've heard rumors that KH3 won't conclude the story, but even if it did, there's always the chance we'll get more spin-offs. I'm expecting at least two more main timeline games and one or two smaller titles. Normally I'd expect to see a handheld title but with Nintendo moving to the switch and phasing out the 3DS, and basically every other handheld console dying a slow death at this point, I'm not so sure about that.
  10. Active Time Battle is my personal favorite. I love more traditional turn based combat, but things like that give it a unique twist that makes the game feel more polished and interesting. That being said, FF has some entries that do the action RPG based combat really well. I know it rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but when I'm in the mood for it I can really get into it.
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