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  1. I don't mind buying used games to play as long as there's some way to test out they're in working condition. Anytime I sell video games on sites like Craiglist I allow the buyer to see the games on our tv/player before exchanging them for cash. It gives both me and them a piece of mind that 1, it works and 2, they can't come back and say that it didn't work and they want their money back.
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    Gorgeous pictures! I love the last one with the house nestled amongst the mountains. There's a few things that could be touched up like the writiing on the rocks in the first picture, but all in all some good shots.
  3. I can't make my mind up on which form I like better, the Anti Form or the Final Form. I love the Final Form's coloring, but the Final Form just looks downright OP. I'm really glad Square Enix added different forms to the game so you can see how he develops.
  4. Of all the games, my most favorite is Kingdom Hearts 2. I really enjoyed the worlds in this game and I thought the character development was fantastic. So, which Kingdom Hearts game is your favorite?
  5. Who are your top 5 favorite characters across all of the Final Fantasy Series? Mine are Tidus, Lightning, Yuffie, Cloud, and Auron. There are so many characters to choose from so I'm excited to see your lists!
  6. My favorite world in Kingdom Hearts is probably Hollow Bastion, which seems to be a fan favorite. I also enjoyed Agrabah because I loved Aladin as a kid and it brought back a lot of memories. I recently purchased the Kingdom Hearts bundle for my ps4 and cannot wait to start playing!
  7. As much as I wished I played well enough to make money, I only play to fun. There are a few phone apps I have such as Verydice, Lucktastic, ect. that allow you to earn rewards but I would rather play games for fun than spend a lot of time on those. I looked into streaming online games such as WoW and Fortnite to make money but it seems like there are way to many people doing it already that it's hard to get started.
  8. Yes! My favorite go to snacks are popcorn, chocolates, or chips. I try not to eat anything too messy as I don't want to get my keyboard and mouse all nasty though. I find it's very easy to overeat while playing games as I get so focused on my game I don't pay attention to how much I am eating, so that's something I'm working on.
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