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  1. My favorite soundtrack would be beatrix' theme , rose of may. I would just listen to it and read books or , just do nothing. You know a soundtrack is good if it makes you emotional after all these years. So here is the song to listen for yourself :
  2. To say the truth I would want to play the game , the original being one of the first Final Fantasy games I ever played but I I tend to dislike remakes. The classic has still it's value , as old very good games do . But of course if it at last comes to be I will surely play it with nostalgia in my heart! In the end I hope the game is elevated to the place it belongs.
  3. GeorgeDr

    Playing games

    Through the years I've played many video games , but I would not say that I ever was addicted to the point of neglecting basic human needs :P. With that being said though , I would play for hours without end until I would reach a certain point and then sleep. Otherwise I could not just go to bed. I think that's not the best of behavior , but you understand , sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In particular I would do that over CoD zombies , and FF tactics advance when I was younger. So if you have played any of these you probably know why I did what I did. (That sounded way darker than I had in mind ?)
  4. I never thought someone would ask me this question actually. To that I would answer : Busted! ? . Yes I would play Final Fantasy tactics on game boy advance sp in class and no teacher ever caught me. That being said although , I didn't play other games apart from that in class, strictly because I was too addicted to that one and I could not simply stop playing at an important story point!
  5. Looks Like I'm winning for today ? Like a super ninja warrior of the shadows. I hope now that I won that a new final fantasy tactics is made ?
  6. WARNING :This post will contain spoilers about final fantasy tactics advance and possible spoilers to other FF games! ? Now that that's out of the way. My favorite FF villain is LLednar from final fantasy tactics advance. I liked that he appears as a protector to Randell and has a motivation of his own. He is not just a bad guy. What i also particularly liked about this character was the he was actually the polar opposite of Randell and existed to be what Randell could not be. (Isn't that the way we evolve too? We become what we could not to survive?) He was a perfect villain for the protagonist (player). So what is your personal favorite villain of this series and why? ?
  7. Well I remember a lot of FF creatures having played some of them , and playing a little with my friend in turns on his computer , but my favorite of all is the Final Fantasy advance tactics Ultima crystal. Maybe that sounds stupid to you I know , but It stuck to me during the years and I still remember this fight till today. Here is a picture of it so you can remember if , if you have played the game :
  8. One of the best games I've ever played was Deus ex : Human revolution. (Along with the first one but HR has a special place in my heart ?)I was what you would say "addicted" to it. I liked the multiple solutions style of play as well as the whole plot and the underlying Renaissance along with the cyberpunk theme combined. I also liked Deus ex : Mankind Divided , it had a reminiscence of some kind to me . So after my praise to these games , I would like to ask your opinion , (if anyone here has played these games) on where this series is headed next. Do you think it will continue and if yes will there be a change of theme? After all, the timeline is pretty much known right now. Is there a chance we will see what happens after invisible war , or are we to stay in the before deus ex original story arc ?
  9. The first Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance at about the age of 10. I saw it in my friends house, played a little and after a week I went and bought it. It was the best game I've ever played then. It involved RPG elements , where you would customize your character, along with a very addictive story-line and a long to top that. I remember playing this game at night hidden under my blanket to try to defeat a boss enemy! I had created a warrior -> fighter character that I would be very proud of. This game was also my first contact with RPG games in general. There are still days that I want to start the story all over again. Maybe it's because I was a kid back then , but remembering back to this game it has a certain dreamy essence. I don't know how else to describe it .
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