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  1. It seems that the series was never continued. I remember all his dragon names but I can't recall the 7th's actually power. I remember this episode where his dragons have turned into humans and Reca battled them all. It would have been a great episode if they have showed the real battles.
  2. Sepiroth have always been my favorite character. I have always loved the character design. The simplistic long katana in doss I'd I a series have always strike me with power and grace.
  3. Noctis awfully strikes me as a copy of Cloud Strife. There was also this video from YouTube showing Noctis battling. And the uploader have put the name Cloud below. When I first watched it, it was like Cloud battling with omni slash mode.
  4. I would always go for Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart. I have always loved their team.
  5. i think that most of these anime lacks view that is why they are underrated. There are included in this list that I would personally watch over the ones that are mainstreamed.
  6. emiaj55


    These pictures have their potential. When I saw the first picture, I thought to myself, "Wow, this could very well be where Cloud Strife and Sepiroth have one of their epic duels!" They're great. Keep it up. ?
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