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  1. I mostly like the main themes. For some reason some Final Fantasy themes remind me a PS2 game I had called Shadow of Colossus. Final Fantasy has an overall great and amazing music. Very beautiful. ?
  2. Hard to tell, probably Noctis or Cloud. One of the ways for me to indicate that parametr is by judging the character by his combat style, and not just the looks. Both fit into that, that's why either of them. ?
  3. Both are great and for different purposes. Usually I see linear as something more story driven, while the open world opens up different great gameplay options and elements.
  4. Might be odd, but the only final fantasy game I played was the online one. I used to have another one on my PS2, but I don't remember the version. I was a child back then.
  5. In order to find one you must search for an old school RPG, because not many games are similar to this. Maybe Legacy of Kain, somewhat.
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