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  1. The Sky City of Bhujerba (Final Fantasy XII)
  2. This is a great idea, so I hope I have the chance to win a physical copy myself hehe!
  3. I think X-2 wraped the whole story pretty well, so I don't see the need for it. In contrast, a prequel where you get to explore Auron, Jecht and Braska's travels would be so much more interesting to me.
  4. It looks a little bulky for me from the bottom, but i am sure that is due to the sensors and such. The controller still looks so good and maybe it will feel just as good.
  5. Since I can see that more and more games in the future will use fully 3D models for all games, I hope they introduce a lot more VR with them like RE7. The demo is truly outstanding and its the first video that is getting me really hyped for next gen.
  6. Simple answer (not really) would be either Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy 7.
  7. 100 acre wood because it's one of the most memorable worlds for me even after all this years. I also like halloween town a lot, but that is probably only because i enjoy have seen the movie quite a few times.
  8. I am team Jesse all the way. She has way more character this time around in contrast to the original.
  9. For me it was the original Final Fantasy for NES. The game was hard, so I didn't get to far into the game. However, one of my friends at the time had a copy of the strategy guide and he gave it to me. I became a fan just flipping thru the pages of the magazine and looking at all the awesome quests ahead in the game.
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