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  1. Saturdays I've been playing a lot of tabletop RPGs on Zoom and Roll20. Been helping ease the Rona stress.
  2. I'm incredibly excited. I played this game a ton alone when I was a kid. The previously eluded to issues with the heavy investment required for multiplayer kept me from playing it with anyone else. (Seriously, all players had to have Game Boy SPs and link cables) This online version is a godsend.
  3. Chrono Cross is a pretty unique game for a lot of reasons. How it blended so many mechanics and concepts together with it's setting was super unique. Though it's easy to find games with similar pieces, finding something that captures the same overall effect is super hard. One game I would recommend is Radiata Stories. It was a PS2 game that had a fantastic story, a TON of characters to recruit (needed at least two playthroughs to get both all the party members possible as well as the whole story), and a relatively unique battle system. Another t likes to focus on unique recruitables is the Suikoden series for PS1 & 2. Each having sometimes hundreds of unique characters to recruit and play with in your team, though that's a tactics game and not a traditional JRPG. If you don't mind console controls in an RTS another great one is Ogre Battle 64. Lots of special characters to get in that and it also has a great story, realy fun gameplay, and neat aesthetic.
  4. Gonna just come in and sprinkle a bit of good old Dwarven dirt on this thread.
  5. Favorite PS1 game is tough, but I think I have to give it to Valkyrie Profile. I'm a sucker for reinterpretations of Norse mythology and plots that take a lot to reveal, which that game had in SPADES. I never played the sequel on PS2, but I hear that was amazing as well. The list of "Favorites" is really long on PS1 though so hell man, that opinion could change tomorrow.
  6. The site design is incredibly sleek. Seems like a great forum so far.
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