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Found 3 results

  1. A blogger friend published a blog post where he lists 15 Underappreciated Anime II; and discusses why he thinks people don't appreciate them enough. They must be underappreciated because I only recognize one name on the list. Number 12. Do you agree with this list? Would you take away or add to this list? 01: Black Magic M-66 02: Space Battleship Yamato 03: Lily C.A.T. 04: Appleseed OVA 05: King of Thorn 06: Armitage III 07: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory 08: 009-1 09: Blood: The Last Vampire 10: Bubblegum Crisis 11: Dance in the Vampire Bund 12: Samurai 7 13: Berserk 14: Blue Gender 15: Rosario + Vampire
  2. Years ago I noticed my daughter had a Tumblr blog. She's an artist. I thought the platform was just for artists. Later on I found out that anybody could use the platform. It was free to create an account. So I created an account and discovered that Tumblr is a great source for cool anime art!! Some of the artists are amazing! Like What about you? Where do you go to find cool anime art?
  3. We watched a lot of great Anime and heard their famous theme songs. They usually played during the intro, opening credits and/or ending credits of the program. And with all the theme songs that you heard by watching Anime, what is your most favorite Anime theme song?
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