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Found 6 results

  1. Back in 2015, Square Enix announced that a full remake of their iconic Final Fantasy VII game was in full production, following years of increased fan requests and rumors after their 2005 PS3 demo. Fast forward to April 10, 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available to play on PlayStation 4. You can buy it directly on the PlayStation Store or through an online retailer like Amazon. While the remake generally follows the story and feel of the original game, a lot of mechanics and visuals have received a more modern take, making this less of a visual refresh and more of a reinterpretation of a PS1 classic that came out just over two decades ago. Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers a more detailed story with deeper character development that follows the original game's arc (new story elements), various added side quests, new boss fights, a dancing mini game, a new method for acquiring Materia, some characters make their appearances sooner, and much more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm_-pwBQu_0 The battle system adopts the action RPG style of Square's recent games while adding a slow motion mechanic when navigating the menus for actions like using magic, special abilities, or items. The game also introduces a "Classic mode" for players that want to focus more on strategy than action. This is not a turn-based battle system but rather it automates the player’s character during combat; Letting the AI take over to move, guard, and attack. Players can also switch between characters on the battlefield at will, offering additional strategy like switching from Cloud to Barret in order to use his arm cannon to attack enemies that are otherwise out of Cloud's reach. Final Fantasy 7 Remake's release today isn't the end, The Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be episodic, with the initial release focusing on just Midgar. Each episode is said to be a full size game in similar in the way as the Final Fantasy XIII series. They defended this decision by saying it allows them to deliver the full game instead of cutting cut or under delivering due to constraints. There's no confirmation on how many of these episodes there will ultimately be. Read the full story here
  2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was originally scheduled for a March 3rd release but as announced by the official Twitter account, it's been delayed roughly a month later on April 10th 2020. The team said that they needed the extra time to better deliver on the high expectations that fans have for the remake of their iconic Final Fantasy entry. The same Twitter account tweeted an important message yesterday for preorders placed through their US store. Customers who preordered the game MUST opt in for the changed release date by February 28th or they will forfeit their preorder. This is likely due to legal obligations regarding marketing since the preordered promised a release date that was later changed. Payment processing for preorders on all opted in accounts will happen on same day as the opt in deadline (February 28th) and a reminder email will be sent out a week before. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Playstation 4 exclusive (until 2021) set to release April 10th 2020 in all regions. Preorder today on Amazon.
  3. WARNING :This post will contain spoilers about final fantasy tactics advance and possible spoilers to other FF games! ? Now that that's out of the way. My favorite FF villain is LLednar from final fantasy tactics advance. I liked that he appears as a protector to Randell and has a motivation of his own. He is not just a bad guy. What i also particularly liked about this character was the he was actually the polar opposite of Randell and existed to be what Randell could not be. (Isn't that the way we evolve too? We become what we could not to survive?) He was a perfect villain for the protagonist (player). So what is your personal favorite villain of this series and why? ?
  4. My first Final Fantasy game was 8 and it was an open world game. I didn't play any entry in the series after that, as I was not impressed by the miniature characters of Final Fantasy 9 and didn't own a PlayStation 2. I got Final Fantasy 13 on ps3 and I was under the impression that it would be open world just like FF8. After beating a few chapters that were extremely linear, I decided to do a google search and found out that it was a linear game. This literally turned me off and I sold the copy. I think the true experience of a Role playing game comes through open world. Roaming around, doing side quests, playing mini games etc. What do you guys think? Should the series stick with Open World only? Let me know in the comments.
  5. Any Triple Triad fan here? I remember enjoying this simple card game the first time I played Final Fantasy 8. When I played it, internet wasn't a huge thing. Years later, I decided to a google search for the game and found an active website that was all about Triple Triad. It had an active player base, with tournaments being held every now and then. I even managed to get my friends hooked to the game, even those who have never played Final Fantasy. I really hope that Square Enix launches it as a stand alone mobile game. Card games are no joke now a days. The game has potential to succeed. It is simple to pick up and hard to master, which is the best formula for competitive games. What do you guys think?
  6. Square Enix has just recently announced an update to their popular smart phone game. All you Final Fantasy X lovers will rejoice, as this update is for all of you. The FFX update will feature special storylines, quests, items, and many more features in the coming months. Square Enix’s official statement is as follows: Continuation of the Final Fantasy X story – “DREAM WITHIN A DREAM – Prologue” will be available from August 1, “Dream Within A Dream – Episode 1” will be available from August 15, 2018, with additional parts to be released in at future dates. New Ultimate Heroes – Players can take on the appearance of Tidus by obtaining the new Ultimate Hero, which is available for summon beginning today. A second Ultimate Hero, Yuna, will be available to summon in September. New Auron-themed WoL Job – Beginning today, “Legendary Guardian,” a new Legend Job, is available through the Greater Summon. New Rikku-themed Sarah Job – “Al Bhed Huntress,” a new Legend Job, will be available to summon beginning in September of this year. New Sin-themed Supreme Card – “Sin: FFX” debuts as the latest Supreme Card. “FFX Blitzball” Ranking Event – Hardcore players can take on the Blitzball-themed event and climb the rankings to receive in game rewards from August 23 – September 1, 2018. Special In-Game Bonuses: All players that log in throughout the collaboration will receive the Tidus & Yuna: FFX ability card and Magistral Rod weapon, exclusive for WoL. Special Login Bonus – Players who log in during the month of August can receive up to 14 free Summon Tickets and two Growstars. Mobius Week – Players will receive Mobius Day bonuses from today through August 13, 2018, such as double stamina received from elixirs, increased fusion success rate, an increased chance of unlocking Extra Skills and a skillseed bonus for all elements in exploration regions. Welcome Back Campaign – Invite your friends back to play for big rewards between today and August 16, 2018. All players will be awarded a free Greater Summon and up to 8 free daily summons based on based on how many inactive players log in. 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Stamp – All players who log in during August of this year will receive a commemorative 2nd anniversary stamp which can resurrect themselves in multiplayer once per battle. Ultimate Heroes & Supreme Card Summon – For a limited time, players who purchase more than 12,000 magicite will receive two Supreme Tickets and 240 Ability Tickets. Players can use these Supreme Tickets to summon once from special Ultimate Heroes and Supreme Card banners. Additional information on this promotion can be found here: http://sqex.to/BRd. VIP Mode – Players who purchase a total of 1,500 magicite or more per month will qualify for VIP Mode, which eliminates the skillseed cost of setting custom skill cards, increases the rate at which extra skills are unlocked, and other useful boosts for thirty one days following the magicite purchase. VIP Mode will be implemented after the next maintenance. Mobius Final Fantasy is available now for IOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows.
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