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Found 3 results

  1. Gaming is one of the most effective ways that you can relax your mind especially when you are feeling bored. I have played a whole lot of games so far and I must that while many have been my favorite, Final Fantasy series is at the top of the chart. The reason is simply because of the good graphics of the characters used in the game. Which game is your favorite?
  2. We all love to play games for different reasons. Everyone has a different motivation to play games. some do it to pass there time. some play to earn more money by playing games, some do it because they love to win the games in order tow in and show the other gamers their skills of playing games. some would do it to escape from the boredom in their life. what is your motivation to play games?
  3. Eating snacks like onion rings, junk food, fish ball and many are great while playing games. I feel like I am more motivated to play better when I am eating. Playing can be more fun since you enjoy the games and the food. How about you? Do you like to eat while playing games? And what is the food that you like to eat?
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