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Found 6 results

  1. Who likes to play Super Mario games? Which game? Interesting read: An A.I. is Designing Retro Video Games. And They're Surprisingly Good | Digital Trends
  2. Collecting trivia on a variety of topics is a fun thing for me. Since I've joined this forum and my husband likes to play the guitar I wondered if there was some sort of trivia I could find out about guitar music and video games. TRIVIA: There are 5 famous musicians who wrote music for video games. Sir Paul McCartney is one of them. Michael Jackson is another. Want to know the other three? Answer.
  3. I once had a job working for the federal government. My job transferred me to Austin, Texas. When we arrived in the city we stayed in a hotel for a few weeks until we could find a place to stay. My kids thought that hotel was so cool. Do you want to know why? Because they could play video games on the TV in the hotel room and compete with other kids in other hotel rooms and have loads of fun!!! They signed on, gave themselves fake names and played their hearts out. Nobody knew anybody. They didn't know who was in what room at the hotel. They just knew who was winning and who was losing. Have you ever joined in on a video game with total strangers? I forget the name but there was one kid who was beating everybody! Nobody could take him down! Or her. It could have been a girl. I don't know!
  4. Thanks to my hubby for introducing me to Imogen Heap. He seems to be pretty good at picking artists although he doesn't follow any news about video games. Square Enix made an announcement via their Instagram account that the theme song for The Quiet Man is an original track named “The Quiet”, by the Grammy award-winning artist Imogen Heap. New The Quiet Man Trailer Showcases An Eerily Noiseless Manhattan – GameSpot The Quiet Man release date set for November 1 on PC, PS4
  5. No matter what the topic of discussion is, sooner or late I'll work my way around to a discussion about FOOD! ? I remember when I started watching anime with my kids, I liked watching the scenes where there was food! The thought occurred to me that there are probably video games that feature food. Geek.com published a list titled "The Best Food In Video Game History". My kids love the Final Fantasy games. But they never told me about "Lamb Chops". In Final Fantasy XV, you can learn over 100 recipes, including how to prepare tender lamb chops.
  6. My kids introduced me to the concept of fan fiction. I like the idea of it. Sounds like fun! I wondered if there were fan fic communities built around video games like Final Fantasy and of course, there is. This is an interesting link. Games | FanFiction Anybody here into fan fiction? ( If interested: How to Create Incredible Fan Fiction: 10 Steps (with Pictures) )
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