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Final Fantasy 15 vs Witcher 3

Final Fanasy 15 vs Witcher 3  

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  1. 1. Which game reigns supreme? Final Fantasy from a franchise that is over 30 years old or Witcher 3 from a franchise that is just a decade old? Pick your winner!

    • Final Fantasy 15
    • Witcher 3

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Role playing games are in abundance, but there are only a few titles that belong to an established franchise. Final Fantasy came in to existence around 30 years back and is still going strong with new entries every few years. Witcher came in to existence in 2007, when the first part of a trilogy was released. The franchise has established itself as a pioneer of role playing games, with amazing graphics, gameplay and innovation.  

It's time to choose your camp and pick one out of the two!

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I played the The Witcher 3 up until the point that I got to Kaer Morhen. At that point I simply lost intrigue and dropped it. I haven't contacted with it since. I've just played around 20-25 hours of FFXV up until this point, so I can't generally say which one I believe is better or regardless of whether I will appreciate it enough to complete it.

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I don't wanna start a new thread so i'm gonna hijack this one ?

I'm planing on buying FF XV, but i'm seeing some mixed reactions. I wanna know two things.

1. Is the game complete or it needs some constant updates? (still don't know how that stuff with updates work)

2. Is it worth buying based on your experience?

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