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The Welsh Paddy

Hidden Gems

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Alright, here's a thread where we can talk about neat little secrets, easter eggs, bits of lore, etc. that you've discovered in FF games.

For example: I'm currently replaying FFVIII for the first time in at least 15 years and have just crashed at Fisherman's Horizon. Did you know there's a little side quest that sheds a lot of backstory on this place involving the fisherman from that particular cutscene of Garden crashing on the pier?


I discovered this purely by accident. There's a nearly invisible ladder that you can climb that's just off the crane. It brings you down to a series of walkways and ladders that takes you to the Master Fisherman, where he gives you Occult Fan III. Talk to him again and he asks you to go and talk to his student, the boy fishing off the boat by the item shops. Talking to the kid triggers a couple of hilarious little sequences in which he nearly murders the item shop owner, but he finally masters the art of casting a rod. Go back and talk to the Master Fisherman and you get quite a lengthy but sweet story sequence showing how Fisherman's Horizon was founded, how they came up with the name, etc. It was a genuinely nice bit of story telling that got tucked away.


On first finding this, I thought it was a glitch because that ladder was so well hidden.


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