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The FFE forum theme returns!

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The forum theme is back and technically better than the original one: Less style mishaps (though still a work-in-progress), polished visuals, revised various UX, and added FFE exclusive Moogle emotes to replace the generic ones! Though released and (I believe) stable, I'll continue to update the design to fix bugs and further polish.

Moogle Reaction Emotes


Known Issues

Let me know if you find anything that looks off, even if they're obvious.

  • The tab colors on the topic and post creation/edits seem off.
  • The message while drag/drop on attachment area is white on white.
  • Form input font colors aren't consistent and could use higher contrast.
  • Quotes are a too strong of a blue hue.
  • Breadcrumb section breaks if inner content is too long.
  • Unable to tell what forum of topics I'm currently viewing (on mobile)
  • Selected forum filter is white on white.
  • User menu dropdowns aren't consistent with site's (the site is a recreation, will take time to mimic functionality and appearance)
  • Some checkboxes don't have good contrast.

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