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(Shamelessly grabbed from The Dude's original FFE post)


Spam is a post in a thread that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic itself. In short spam is a meaningless post and is acceptable only in the spam sections. Please keep spam in non-spam forums to a minimum.


To flame is to use derogatory (racist, sexist, etc. or just plain mean) comments towards someone. Flaming is allowed only in the flame section of the forums. Anywhere else will result in a warning


Trolling takes on many forms but in essence, trolling someone is an attempt to get them to flame you. Please keep trolling in the flame section. Anywhere else will result in a warning.

Sexually Explicit/ Graphically Violent Imagery

Because of our membership. We do not endorse or allow certain kinds of material onto the forums. Examples of this include pornographic or sexually explicit imagery or imagery depicting grotesque violence Any posting containing any illicit material will result in a ban.

Duplicate Accounts

If you have been banned, it's best to just serve your time than risk making a duplicate account. We can find out if an account is a "dupe" account. First time offenders will result in the dupe account being banned and the user warned. Further attempts at dupe account will result in a permaban.


Advertising of other sites, forums, business, etc. is only allowed in the signature area and is limited to none-spammy text links. Any advertisements in forums (like topics) will be edited out and the user warned. If it is clear that the user's only intent on the forum is to advertise, then that user will be banned.

Please follow the above guidelines so that everyone here can have a good time here on the forums.

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