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FFE Forum Rules

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Spam is considered replies that are irrelevant to the current topic, promoting products/websites/apps/etc, or otherwise nonsensical content filler. Short replies are fine but try to provide more effort than "nice" or "ok". You can use Reactions at the lower right of the given post for these needs instead.

Flaming / Harassment

To flame is to use derogatory (racist, sexist, homophobic, or just plain mean) comments towards someone, attacking them instead of challenging their content/ideas. Moderators reserve the right to intervene and members must respectfully adhere to the ruling. Repeated offenders might receive a temporary or permanent ban.

If you see any content that is violates this rule or are the victim in this, please "report post" instead of engaging.


Trolling is the attempt to draw emotional outrage from others, provoking fights and flaming. Playful trolling in which it's clear of the poster's lighthearted attempt is allowed, but malicious intent and harassment are NEVER allowed here and can easily lead to a ban.

Sexually Explicit / Graphic / Violent Imagery

While cursing and other PG13 related content is allowed, we do not endorse or allow more extreme material onto the forums. Examples of this include pornographic or sexually explicit imagery or imagery depicting grotesque violence. Illegal content of any nature is also not allowed. Posts containing any illicit material will result in a ban.

Duplicate Accounts

If you have been banned, it's best to just serve your time than risk making a duplicate account. We can find out if an account is a "dupe" account. First time offenders will result in the dupe account being banned and the user warned. Further attempts at dupe account will result in a permaban.


Advertising of other sites, forums, business, etc. is only allowed in the signature area and is limited to non-affiliate, relevant-to-the-community text links (SEO building is fine). Any advertisements found within post content will be edited out and the user warned. If it is clear that the user's only intent on the forum is to advertise, then that user will be banned.


Please follow the above guidelines so that everyone here can have a good time.

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