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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts


Blue Trinity

To Unlock: Defeat Guard Armour in Traverse Town.

  • Traverse Town “First District” In front of the cafe in the First District.
  • Traverse Town “First District” Just to the right of the entrance from where you come in through from the Gummi Ship.
  • Traverse Town “Third District” On the top of the flight of stairs in the corner of the district.
  • Traverse Town “Mystical House” Inside the house.
  • Wonderland “Lotus Forest” After getting the evidence for Alice, go back into Lotus Forest.
  • Wonderland “Lotus Forest” In the small area in the right of the forest.
  • Olympus Coliseum “Coliseum Gates” The left platform in front of the statue.
  • Olympus Coliseum “Coliseum Gates” The right platform in front of the statue.
  • Deep Jungle “Climbing Trees” On the platform in front of the way to the Tree House
  • Deep Jungle “Camp” Near the boxes of stuff.
  • Agrabah “Silent Chamber” On the platform with the stairs.
  • Agrabah “Bazaar”
  • Monstro “Mouth” On the platform after the water lowers.
  • Monstro “Chamber 5” In the centre of the chamber.
  • Monstro “Throat” On the lowest floor.
  • Hollow Bastion “Dungeon” In the middle of the room.
  • Hollow Bastion “Castle Gates” As you arrive from the elevator.

Red Trinity

To Unlock: Lock Deep Jungle

  • Traverse Town “First District” In the alley next to the Item Shop.
  • Traverse Town “Alley” In front of the grate in the water.
  • Traverse Town “Second District” On the roof of the Gizmo Shop.
  • Agrabah “Treasure Room” In front of the pillar.
  • Halloween Town “Oogie's Manor” In the first room you enter with the torch. It's to the right of the entrance.
  • Hollow Bastion “Entrance Hall” In front of one of the statues on the second floor.

Green Trinity

To Unlock: Lock Agrabah.

  • Traverse Town “Accessories Shop” Next to the table.
  • Wonderland “Bizarre Room” In the fireplace.
  • Wonderland “Rabbit Hole” Behind the Save Point.
  • Olympus Coliseum “Coliseum Gates” On the left of the entrance in front of the ranking posters.
  • Deep Jungle “Treetop” In the centre, it hard to see.
  • Agrabah “Storeroom” Near the Save Point.
  • Monstro “Mouth” On the roof of the ship hull Geppetto lives in.
  • Neverland “Hold” The room with the Save Point.
  • Hollow Bastion “Library” In front of one of the shelves on the second floor.

Yellow Trinity

To Unlock: Win the Hercules Cup.

  • Traverse Town “Mystical House” Behind the Mystical House.
  • Olympus Coliseum “Lobby” Next to the block.
  • Agrabah “Bottomless Hall” In front of a large pot.
  • Neverland “Hold” In front of the door leading to the left.

White Trinity

To Unlock: Defeat Riku in Hollow Bastion.

  • Traverse Town “Sewers” Near where Aerith stands.
  • Wonderland “Lotus Forest” Get in the side of the Bizarre Room and jump into the painting where you will be in a new area.
  • Olympus Coliseum “Coliseum Gates” In the centre of the area.
  • Deep Jungle “Cavern of Hearts” In the room where you locked Deep Jungle.
  • Agrabah “Cave of Wonders” On the left when you first entered.
  • Monstro “Chamber 6” On the lowest part of ground.
  • Atlantica “Triton's Palace” In the little cave thing in the centre.
  • Halloween Town “Moonlight Hill” Left of the entrance.
  • Neverland “Pirate Ship” On the deck.
  • Hollow Bastion “Rising Falls” On the platform where you met Riku.