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Final Fantasy VII Remake's delay puts players at risk of losing their pre-orders  
by FFE Forums Mar 9th, 2020
I don't have a PS4 but really want this game. So... Guess I'm getting a PS4 lol. Either that or I wait like a year for a PC port. [Read On]

Final Fantasy VII Remake's 2020 Release Date Announced!  
by FFE Forums Jun 11th, 2019
A mere day before Square Enix's E3 2019 conference, they announced that the long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released, worldwide, for Playstation 4 (exclusively) on March 3rd, 2020! Along with that surprise announcement was the release of a new trailer. ... [Read On]

Square Enix Releases Five Videos Recapping Kingdom Hearts  
by FFE Forums Jan 30th, 2019
On the day before Kingdom Hearts 3 worldwide release, Square Enix releases 5 new youtube videos that recap the story of Kingdom Hearts prior to the third major installment. The videos intend to help remind you of the main events of the previous games or just catch up with the vag... [Read On]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Extended Big Hero 6 Trailer & Cover Art Reveal  
by FFE Forums Jan 25th, 2019
Epic! I lived in Tokyo for a few years and highly recommend the Tokyo game show if you’re ever in the city. It’s incredible to see all the new release games. Didn’t get there in 2018 sadly! [Read On]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Releases In Japan + YouTube Stream  
by FFE Forums Jan 25th, 2019
Ah, I live in Japan right now for work and didn’t realize that the North American version hadn’t yet been released. Seems like it’s got quite the buzz about it! [Read On]

Final Fantasy XV News: Crossover and DLC's  
by FFE Forums Nov 30th, 2018
That’d too bad I was looking forward to them giving this one a proper ending sheesh. I can’t handle all these cancellations lol! [Read On]

Final Fantasy VII to be on Playstation "Classic" Console  
by FFE Forums Nov 3rd, 2018
The list is out! Sony confirms full list of games coming with PlayStation Classic (List dated October 31, 2018) [Read On]

Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu On Hiatus  
by FFE Forums Oct 25th, 2018
WOW! This is a big deal! The reports say “indefinite hiatus” and that he has has ill health. “I believe that there are still people who believe that game music is something equal to just an effect incorporated into the game, something like a BGM. And therefore this is ... [Read On]

Kingdom Hearts: 9 Game Compilation  
by FFE Forums Oct 18th, 2018
Not sure if it's going to be 4k. Even the square website didnt list all the changes and I havent had much time to dig further. My guess would be a simple HD remaster. [Read On]

Dragon Quest is Finally Coming Back  
by FFE Forums Oct 17th, 2018
Yeah, it's an old one. The first game in the series wasn't super successful, but it was one of the first RPGs on consoles and it laid the foundation of later rpg games. The rest of the Dragon Quest games did pretty well, more so in Japan. [Read On]

FFXV, Terra Wars Collaboration Patch  
by FFE Forums Sep 27th, 2018
Yup. Lesson learned for me. I got too hyped during its release because it was long awaited. I even went to the game store early because sometimes the stocks are limited during day one here even if I pre-ordered it. [Read On]

Final Fantasy Coming to Switch  
by FFE Forums Sep 25th, 2018
I might go for a used one as well. Though I'm looking for at least 65% of the original price at a decent condition. I'm not paying more than that. It's a fair price considering most of the console owners I know have their consoles just gathering dust. And I guess a great majority... [Read On]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 Trailer Reveal  
by FFE Forums Sep 20th, 2018
The gameplay looks sick I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised, I mean 10 plus years right? On one of the discord servers I visit someone posted a screenshot of Sora on Mount Olympus can’t find it anymore sheesh. [Read On]

Final Fantasy VII Remake - A Noshow for Upcoming TGS  
by FFE Forums Sep 19th, 2018
I would say that the sooner this issue with the extended wait for the Final Fantasy VII remake gets sorted out, the better for everyone. Seriously, it's been a long time coming that we have been hearing about the FF VII remake but still yet to see anything. Whatever it is that's ... [Read On]

Kingdom Hears III is expected to have 80+ hours of content  
by FFE Forums Sep 16th, 2018
What?Is it for real?Well if it is it's so exciting. I could imagine me playing this. But i have to wait for a long time.Im so excited. I am really going to love this. I cant wait. [Read On]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered  
by FFE Forums Sep 15th, 2018
I would say yes. It put me off to because back then online multiplayer wasnt prominent like it is today. It was generally using a lan to hook multiple systems up. Where I live, i think I'm the only RPG fan for miles. But yes, you should be able to enjoy it plenty on your ow... [Read On]

The Last Remnant Remaster for PS4  
by FFE Forums Sep 15th, 2018
I remember this game! Odd choice for a re-release but I'm interested in revisiting it. To be honest, I never finished the game. I think it was one of the things where you take a break from a game for an extended period of time and just forget what you were meant to do next. L... [Read On]

Kingdom Hearts III Playable Demo will be at Gamescom  
by FFE Forums Sep 15th, 2018
Ohh really good to know to thank you for the information, I will make an order as soon as possible so I can play that game now on my X-box One. [Read On]

Updated News for FFVII Remake's Battle System  
by FFE Forums Aug 16th, 2018
I think we're well past that point, unfortunately. It's a little disappointing, too, that turn-based combat systems have more or less been shunned by modern players. I think SMT is one of the few franchise's willing to make one that's based on anything other than nostalgia. G... [Read On]

Moonfire Faire returns to FFXIV  
by FFE Forums Aug 7th, 2018
The Moonfire Faire is Final Fantasy XIV's official summer event, and it is returning on August 13th at 1 a.m., running until August 26th at 7:59 PDT. Included in this Summer Faire is a new emote, outfits, and, most importantly, the ability to acquire certain items that were avail... [Read On]

Mobius Final Fantasy: FFX Update  
by FFE Forums Aug 2nd, 2018
Square Enix has just recently announced an update to their popular smart phone game. All you Final Fantasy X lovers will rejoice, as this update is for all of you. The FFX update will feature special storylines, quests, items, and many more features in the coming months. ... [Read On]

Looking for News Writers!  
by FFE Forums Jul 28th, 2018
Are you passionate about Square Enix games and are you regularly kept informed on the latest details about them? Does the sharing of the latest Square Enix news to the hundreds of our daily visitors sound exciting? We're currently looking to build a team of talented writers to ke... [Read On]

Final Fantasy game series began in 1987 as a console role-playing game, developed by a small Japanese publishing company named Square Co. LTD. Up to that point the company had mostly published smaller games which sold respectably, but by no means were they a blockbuster success, so the idea to create a game similar to competitor Enix's Dragon Quest was born and work began on a massive one-megabit cartridge role-playing game that would attempt to revolutionize and transform the genre. All of Square's resources and hopes were placed on this single project and if it failed, Square would no longer exist. It was fittingly named "Final Fantasy." The first game was a huge success, and each sequel has been even more successful. As of 2008, there are twenty-eight games and more than 85 million units sold. The series holds seven Guinness World Records in the Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition 2008.

Most of the stories are independent, but featuring common elements defining the franchise. The games take place on a fantasy world with three large continents; the elemental powers on this world are determined by the state of four orbs (or crystals in later localizations), each ruling one of the four classical elements: earth, fire, water and wind. Numerous races inhabit this fantasy world, including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Mermaids and Robots. Each non-Human race has its own "town" in the game, although individuals are sometimes found in Human towns or other areas as well.