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Star Ocean 3

Star Ocean 3


About FAQ Guides

The Guide Section Features part in the site where people submit there guide or walkthrough. The section is in .txt. Just in case you don't know what your looking at. This is one of the biggest guide section on the net.
If you have a FAQ you have written for Star Ocean 3, and you would like to have it featured on Final Fantasy Extreme, all you have to do is go to the Contact Us link, and send us an email. You must have written the document in .txt format if not we just won't accept it. We choose the best we get so viewers won't be lost looking at it.

All the FAQ's on this site have been written by people who feel they can help your gamming experience of Star Ocean 3. On the FAQ's there are e-mail addresses and web sites if you want further help, or wish to bring a mistake to the attention of the author.
Final Fantasy Extreme is in NO way responsible for any spoilers of mistakes on the FAQ's, so please do not send us complaints. None of the FAQ's on this page have been written, published or copyrighted by Final Fantasy Extreme. Do not email Final Fantasy Extreme asking to use this FAQ's due to the fact that we do not own them. If you wish to download these files to view anytime, right click on the file you wish to download and click "save as" or just view them on the site.


FAQ Guides

General FAQs
Name Author Size
FAQ/Walkthrough A I e x 821K
FAQ/Walkthrough Aaron18 134K
FAQ/Walkthrough Demonkaze 1291K
FAQ/Walkthrough EChang 278K
FAQ/Walkthrough Kiko-kun 134K
Spoiler-Free Walkthrough The Unbeliever 24K
FAQ/Walkthrough LordFrieza 419K
In-Depth FAQs
4D Mode Walkthrough MJEmirzian 79K
Affection FAQ Yhkam Daync 39K
AI Training FAQ LegaiaRules 11K
 Assault Magic FAQ durias42 45K
 Battle Arena Guide Shadow47001 26K
 Battle Fundamentals FAQ durias42 40K
 Battle Quotes List kevbum 20K
 Battle Skills FAQ EChang 63K
 Battle Trophies FAQ EChang 57K
 Boss FAQ EChang 59K
 Boss FAQ Marty81 89K
 Brady Games Strategy Guide Errors FAQ Viett 10K
 Dictionary PandemoniaChick 32K
 Dictionary FAQ Rashidi 188K
 Elicoor Map (PNG) Rusty 21K
 Firewall Map (GIF) mach10 10K
 Game Script OKong 455K
 Inventor Quotes Guide AUNAO 90K
 Item Creation FAQ A I e x 148K
 Item Creation FAQ EChang 44K
 Item Refining FAQ Demonfayt 49K
 Japanese/English Changes FAQ Ammo 13K
 Kirlsa Caverns Hauler Guide vexis58 9K
 Maximization Guide EChang 30K
 Maze of Tribulations FAQ A I e x 36K
 Money Making FAQ Xythar 27K
 Moonbase Map (GIF) mach10 24K
 Music FAQ MarcelLionheart 27K
 Optional Boss FAQ LegaiaRules 38K
 Original Creation FAQ durias42 44K
 Private Action FAQ EChang 39K
 Private Endings Guide Boiler98 14K
 Solo Straight Character Challenge Guide Master Epyon 301K
 Sphere 211 FAQ A I e x 85K
 Sphere 211 FAQ EChang 30K
 Versus Mode FAQ Shadow47001 17K
Foreign Language FAQs
 FAQ/Walkthrough (Dutch) Ornitier 185K