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Star Ocean 3

Star Ocean 3



This is an absolutely huge sidequest that emcompasses all sorts of smaller minigames and activities. Here is a rundown on each one:


Bunny Races

From the main games area of Gemity, the Bunny Races are located to the Southeast and Southwest.

 Speak to the person in the chair to buy a ticket, there are three types of classes eah with a different ticket price:

Bunny Races
Name Ticket Price
Class A
300 Fol
Class B
200 Fol
Class C
100 Fol

The class changes on a daily basis so you don't specify it. After you but your ticket you must choose either "Buy to win" or "Buy perfecta."

Buy to win
When you buy this ticket you choose one bunny out of four who you think will win, it doesn't matter which one.

Buy perfecta
When you buy this ticket you must choose two bunnies instead and you choose based on the two you think will come in first and second (it doesn't matter which one of the two you pick wins, you're only picking the top two, not the exact order.)

By winning you will receive points based on your ticket:

Bunny Races
Name Win Points Perfecta Points
Class A
Class B
2 6
Class C
1 3

When you have accumulated some points, talk to the bunny at the counter above where you buy your tickets to trade them in. You receive prizes once, but they don't deplete your points so even though you get a reward at one point, you still only need nine more to get the ten point one etc. The rewards are as follows:

Bunny Races
Name Required Points
Commemorative Prize
Laser Weapon
Giant King Crab
Bent Mystic Blade
Scumbag Slayer
Bunny Shoes
Pomello Juice
Bunny Race Trophy

The races are deisgned unfortunately, to make any prize higher than the one for 10 Fol require such a monotonous amount of work, that without a rapidfire controller, few people would actually get them.


Runic Chess

Located Northwest and Northeast, iedt's rock-paper-scissors... CHESS! Lets start with the basics. This game is played automatically by the computer, where your strategy comes in is how you set up the pieces. The pieces move automatically and will automatically fight each other when one panel apart, there are three pieces:

  • Warrior
  • Symbologist
  • Thief

Warrior beats Thief
Thief beats Symbologist
Symbologist beats Warrior

 And so you have the basics. There are 11 difficulty levels to choose from right off the bat, which get progressively harder obviously:

Runis Chess
Difficulty Level Number of Pieces Price Prize
1 3 200 Fol Blueberries
2 3 400 Fol Blackberries
3 3 600 Fol 1100 Fol
4 2 800 Fol Synthesis Materials
5 3 1000 Fol Ripe Berries
6 4 1200 Fol 5000 Fol
7 3 1400 Fol Strength Berries
8 4 1600 Fol Perfect Berries
9 3 1800 Fol 50,00 Fol
10 4 2000 Fol Synthesis Materials
11 4 2200 Fol Lezard Flask

And that's pretty much all there is to it.


Fighting Arena

Here's where the real fun lies. There's lots to do, lots to win and lots to enjoy here. There are three types of battles, Single battle, Team Battle, Ranking battle.

Single Battle
Choose one character to take on five enemies, the difficulty of these enemies depends on the level you choose. Here is the list of single battles from weakest to strongest, with the cost to enter and prize in brackets.

Fighting Arena
Rank Price Item
D 100 Fol Magical Berries
C 300 Fol Mallet Charm
B 500 Fol Bunny Shoes
A 1000 Fol Star Guard
S 2000 Fol Imposing Scroll

The first two prizes you can get one of for each character you beat it with, the last three you can only get one of at all.

Team Battle
Your party takes on five sets of enemies, the difficulty of these enemies depends on the level you choose. Here is the list of team battles from weakest to strongest, with the cost to enter and prize in brackets.

Fighting Arena
Rank Price Item
D 100 Fol Synthesis Materials
C 300 Fol Tri-Emblum
B 500 Fol Scumbag Slayer
A 1000 Fol Star Splash
S 2000 Fol Ring of Slaughter

The first two prizes you can get six of, the last three you can get one of.

Ranking Battle
The ranking battle is similar to Star Ocean 2's survival battle, you must fight 50 battles, but since it is a ladder they don't need to be one after another. When you first enter you must choose a name among all of the following:

  • Knights Between Time
  • Steel Knights
  • Arthur and the Knights of Teatable
  • Rebels Without an Existence
  • Arcane Warriors of the Black Brigade
  • Mystic Dragon Eyes
  • Onward! Defrosted Tuna Team
  • Fayt and Company

Personally I can't see choosing anything other than Defrosted Tuna Team but hey, it's your decision.

You can fight up to four ranks ahead of you, as you continue to win above people higher than you you will advance up. Each time you win you also get prize money based on the teams you beat. When you reach the number one slot you will receive a challenge from the 'Reigning Champions,' the hardest fight in the arena. You will have to face:

Dirna Hamilton
3,000,000 500,000 174 110,00 415000
Drop Weak Half Immune Drain
Spirit of Lilith N/A Earth, Wind
N/A Fire

Solon Solute
500,000 50,000 174 50,000 0
Drop Weak Half Immune Drain
N/A Fire
Wind N/A

 Good luck if and when you reach that battle, for winning you receive the Victory Trophy, a special item with all sorts of great bonuses attached to it.