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Drakengard 2 12/15/04 at 21:53:58
Square-Enix is apparently working on a sequel to its action RPG Drakengard. Currently titled Drakengard 2, the Playstation 2 title is set for a spring 2005 release in Japan. No word on if or when it will hit North American or European shores.

Final Fantasy XI Patch 12/15/04 at 21:36:39
On December 8th, Square Enix released its December patch for Final Fantasy XI. Some of the changes include: more quests in certain areas, more items, a brand new Thief ability has been added, and some changes have been made to the auction house tax system.

To see a list of all the changes click here

Kingdom Hearts COP Release 12/12/04 at 10:26:15
The second installment of the Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, has been released to stores across North America today. The game takes place after the events of the original Kingdom Hearts, and follows the exploits of Sora as he explores the mysterious Castle Oblivion.

Radiata Stories Special Trailer 12/04/04 at 17:55:08
A Special Trailer for Radiata Stories has been released to the game's official website. The new trailer features the game's theme song, Fortune by Nami Tamaki, along with revealing new game footage and some new characters. Unfortunately, this special trailer will only be available for viewing until December 7th. The game's TGS 2004 Trailer is also available on the site for viewing.

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September 30 2004
Final Fantasy VIII section is completed on the new version. We are also in need of News Reporters, a number of people were hired for the position recently, but most failed to post any news. If you are interested, sign up at the Staff Forums
September 24 2004
Final Fantasy VII section is completed on the new version, Final Fantasy X-2 section is being updated on the current version, along with the KH2 and FFXII sections.
September 21 2004
Keep an eye out for the newest feature article on the upcoming DVD movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. We will be taking an indepth look into the movie and all of the related hype.
September 21 2004
Unfortunately we have had to remove the FF Extreme free email service because of the server change, but the old banner with the million popups is gone, and a new banner to generate money for FF Extreme to get their new host will go up, along with an Anime International Banner (on rotation). Also the new location of the staff forums has moved to HERE
September 20 2004
Five long months since the administration was locked out of FF Extreme. But finally we have regained access back to the site, and even made a host change! We are now hosted by Anime International until we can afford to buy a host. The staff has been working on the new version of the site, which I have set the release date for on November 30th. We will work hard to meet this date, thank you for your continued support FF Extreme.

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