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Welcome to “Final Fantasy Extreme”! Though our name might suggest otherwise, we are not just another Final Fantasy fan site. Our heartfelt mission is to create a welcoming space for all Square Enix enthusiasts and offer comprehensive coverage of their beloved games. For over two decades, our community has thrived, thanks to countless volunteers who have generously shared their passion for these games with fans around the world.

In 2020, a former staff member (now owner) revived FFExtreme, giving it a fresh, mobile-friendly design and interactive features. But our journey doesn’t end here. We’re committed to continuous improvement, so please stay tuned for exciting updates!

Game Coverage

At Final Fantasy Extreme, our strength lies in the quality of our original content, which keeps our loyal fans coming back. Our dedicated team of volunteer writers invests their free time to create comprehensive game guides, reviews, and news coverage, exploring every aspect of the games we support.

Downloads and Images

Over the years, FFExtreme has been a go-to source for Final Fantasy media, much to the delight of our members and visitors. Currently, our multimedia coverage is unavailable as we work on reorganizing and enhancing it, but rest assured, it will return in the near future.

Game Reviews

Our game reviews are crafted by a devoted team assigned to specific sections of the site or contributed by our valued visitors. We use a 9-point system, starting at 1 (Terrible) with half-point increments up to 5 (Perfect), which we believe offers a more straightforward and easier to quantify value than a traditional 10-point scale.

User Feedback

As a fan-driven site, we genuinely appreciate the feedback from our members and visitors. Your insights and opinions help us grow and improve. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for enhancing the site or to share what you currently enjoy. If you’re interested in contributing your skills and time, we encourage you to visit our volunteer page for more information.