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Despite our name “Final Fantasy Extreme”, we are not your usual Final Fantasy fan site. Our unique looks aside, we strive to build an inclusive community of Square Enix fans and provide extensive coverage of their games. We’ve been doing so for over 20 years now and this is all thanks to the many volunteers that have devoted their time to share their love of these games with millions of others from all around the world.

With our re-release in 2020 by a prior staff member (now owner), FFExtreme is back to covering the Final Fantasy series with modern, mobile-ready design and an interactive feature set. However, that’s not the end of the story. There’s plenty to be done and improve over time, so keep checking back!

Game Coverage

Through out all, we at Final Fantasy Extreme has always relied on having great original content to bring people back day after day. We bring on a crack team of content writing volunteers that donate their free time in making great content covering every aspect of our supported games. Thanks to their efforts, we can provide extensive game guides, reviews, and news coverage on a regular basis.

Downloads and Images

Hosting media of the Final Fantasy series is obviously a popular feature that our members and visitors alike have loved at FFExtreme for over a decade. At this time, however, all of our multimedia coverage is unavailable while it’s being reorganized and will hopefully make a reappearance in the near future.

Game Reviews

Reviews on FFE are either written by a dedicated team placed with the responsibility to that particular section of the site or donated by visitors. We utilize a 9 point system starting at 1 (Terrible) with half point increments until 5 (Perfect). This helps make the scores less complicated and misleading than in a traditional 10 point system.

User Interactivity

FFExtreme had one of the most active Final Fantasy forums on the web during the early 2000’s. The prior management shut them down in 2010 but fast forward a decade later and they’ve returned! Utilizing the powerful Invision Community software, the new forums are a much more modern take of the traditional message board with a far larger feature set.

In the coming months, we plan to have a variety of member exclusive functionality added to both the website and the forums, like game review submissions and Twitch streams.

Our membership is 100% FREE and registration is faster than ever with our social network integration.

User Feedback

Being a large fan site created for fans by fans, we do appreciate any feedback that our members and visitors have on the site. You can contact us to tell us what we can do to enhance the site or about the features you currently enjoy. If you are interested in lending your skills and time with us, please visit the volunteer page for more.