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The story of Final Fantasy Revenant wings can be split up to ten chapters and each chapter has approximately 5 missions. Every mission has detailed and fascinating story with pre-rendered cut-scenes in between. It takes us to the city of Ivalice following the adventures of Vaan and his mates in the skies above. It is a (RTS) real-time strategy game which manages to successfully integrate the unique style of Final Fantasy series and potent storytelling with lightning fast action that makes the game play very engaging.

Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings is neither a full-fledged RTS game nor a complete role-playing game but it is combination of both and an odd hybrid which incorporates certain features of both genres. You should understand this concept to enjoy Revenant Wings so that you can set you expectations accordingly. Usual RTS concepts like progressive unit construction and resource hoarding are missing in this game and the gambit which are customized heavy command sets from FF12 are available which provides control over autonomous artificial intelligence of the warriors.

Final Fantasy XII is a huge game with adventures of Vaan, Balthier, Penelo and Fran with same enemies as earlier versions. There are plenty of side quests which involve engaging in encounters with other pirates and local fauna. You can also design new weapons with the materials you gather during your journeys and get trophies at end of each battle. Players can also spend crystals called Auricite which shall be earned by them during missions for forging treaties with cited monsters termed as Espers. These Espers will form major portion of the combat forces and you must form treaties with various types of Espers to increase the power of your army. At starting of each battle, you will have mission specific goals that range from reaching a particular spot to defeating all enemies and more. You can analyze the weakness and strengths of your enemy and you can customize your forces accordingly. Characters and Espers are classified as flying units, ranged and melee and each of them related to one another. During beginning of combat, the chosen characters shall become leaders of gang of Espers. The combats are fast-paced and you should pay attention to detail in order to refill the ranks constantly.

Regarding the graphics, Revenant wings has very good cut scenes which are very expressive. The assorted venues which you travel during the game are very lively and vivid which expressive animation and amazing details. The battlefields are designed in such a way to suit the isometric camera but some drawbacks in visual effects include experience of some minor slowdown in graphics during large-scale battles and occasional blotting out of enemies by the terrain objects. The overall visual effects are impressive with a unique 3D world experience with multiple sprite work throughout the game.

The Final Fantasy XII fans will definitely be impressed with a mostly similar soundtrack in Revenant wings as most of songs including the amazing tune of Rabanastre have been directly ported across without any changes. The game play is somewhat slow and game controls are annoying especially while selecting the heroes when they gather up as bunches during battle scenes. The game is focused for single player experience and does not have any network connectivity support either through LAN or Wi-Fi.

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings has an impressive CGI with amazing visuals, inspiring music and innovative RTS like game play. There are plenty of side quests in the game and the story line is impressive which makes it interesting game for all hardcore gamers.

Gameplay 4.5 / 5
Soundtrack 4.5 / 5
Replay Value 4 / 5
Storyline 4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5 Great!