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Square Enix has released a new update to their long-standing Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. “With despair silenced and hope restored, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn step back into the shadows, their star's hero to don the mantle of simple adventurer once more. Eager heart never idle, 'tis not long before the Warrior of Light hearkens unto journey's call…”  Included in the new patch...

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Tetsuya Nomura, the producer and designer behind Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin recently spoke to Famitsu regarding last month’s newly released entry into the series. Nomura stated he expects to release three DLC additions to his game. Nomura went on to say that the expansions will feature the famed Warrior of Light from the Dissidia series, and an assortment of new weapons to choose...

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Kingdom Hearts IV Announced

By Wuzimu on April 10, 2022

During today’s Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event, various announcements were made regarding the future of the Kingdom Hearts series. One in particular was the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV. Square Enix has released the trailer, along with gameplay footage utilizing Unreal Engine 5. The anniversary event kicked off yesterday in Japan’s Shibuya district, at the Shibuya Hikarie building. Below you’ll be able to watch...

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An upgraded Final Fantasy VII: Remake experience, called Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade, releases today on PlayStation 5! As a rerelease of the PS4 game, this version offers what the original did plus improved visuals (higher resolution textures, improved lighting, etc), Normal difficulty for Classic mode (instead of the original Easy only limitation), a new Photo mode to capture moments in game similar to...

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Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to PC

By Wuzimu on February 14, 2021

Square Enix has announced that the Kingdom Hearts series will finally be arriving to a PC near you. The entire series will be available through the online Epic Games Store. The online game store will include all updated HD entries in the series (KH I.5 + II.5, II.8 compilations) including the most recently released titles (KHIII + Re Mind DLC, Melody of Memories). Epic...

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Final Fantasy 16 Announced for both PS5 and PC

By Nanaki on September 16, 2020

Final Fantasy XVI (16) was revealed at September's PS5 event with the following beautifully epic trailer. It'll be available for both PlayStation 5 and PC with Final Fantasy 14's director Naoki Yoshida set to be the producer. The next big reveal event is set for sometime in 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwnSME2RrBU

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The first rumours about Final Fantasy 16 are beginning to emerge and suggest that the game may be revealed this month. The first part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake may have only come out this year but it’s four years now since the release of Final Fantasy 15 and that’s around the time you’d expect to start hearing about the next mainline entry –...

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Final Fantasy XIV's delayed 5.3 patch will now arrive on August 11, Square Enix has announced. The update was originally scheduled to release on June 16 but had to be pushed back due to production difficulties that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic.   Square Enix will share more details about the upcoming 5.3 patch in the lead up to its release. The company will...

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FFVII: Remake, Part 2 Brief Update

By Wuzimu on June 21, 2020

Motion capturing has seemingly begun for part 2 of FFVII: Remake. Haruka Shibai and Katsuyuki Yamasaki, who are the motion capture artists for Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife, are working together again, according to a twitter post by Shibai. In particular, Shibai spoke about the challenges of working remotely on performance during the coronavirus pandemic, stating she is “impressed and thankful to the staff...

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Kingdom Hearts Content

Jun 15, 2020
Kingdom Hearts content is up as well as some ported over content from the old FFExtreme site for KH2. Currently working on other empty game sections.

FF15 Review and Content

May 11, 2020
Our review of Final Fantasy XV is now up along with some general content/guides!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

May 1, 2020
While the guide content is still a work in progress, our very thorough review is now available!

Forum theme returns!

Apr 27, 2020
Initially, we used a generic dark theme for the forums while the FFE theme was being rebuilt. Welp, it's now live and comes with exclusive cute Moogle reaction emotes! Remember, membership is free AND logged in users see far less ads!

FF7: Remake Review

Apr 21, 2020
Our review of FF7 Remake is now available! In addition to that, the side quests section has been started and more guide content is currently in the works.