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Final Fantasy XVI PC Port Reportedly in the Final Stages

Final Fantasy XVI director Naoki Yoshida has reportedly stated that the PC port for FFXVI is in its “final stages” alluding that a demo could soon be released prior to the completion of the port.


In an interview with Destructoid, Yoshida went on to say:

We want to have no breaks in the game, to replicate that on PC, you’re going to need a pretty high-spec PC. So right now, what we’re doing is we’re testing the game, and our current optimization, on a lot of different systems to see, again, what are going to be those minimum specs for playing the game in a way that is similar to the PS5 experience.

Yoshida goes on to explain that the demo will release in order to give gamers a glimpse into the game’s transition to PC, in terms of engine and mechanics, before spending any money. Yoshida stated gamers should expect customizations, scalability, system requirements to be “somewhat high” and that playing the game on an SSD should be considered a must.

Yoshida did not reveal a release date for either the demo or the full Port. Yoshida and his team also dive into the new Rising Tide DLC content slated for release on April 18, 2024.

Read the full interview by clicking to hyperspeed below.


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