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Square Enix‘s highly anticipated MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV initially launched worldwide back in September of 2010. Originally a PC platform game, the company had hoped to branch out to Playstation 3 systems to allow more fans access to play. However, this hope was quickly put on hold. Upon the Windows PC release of FFXIV, both critics and players expressed negative opinions and reviews. Many complained and critiqued the gameplay stating it was tedious, boring and most of all outdated.

Square Enix originally tried to fix the game’s content with frequent patches but to no avail. The extremely negative outcry about this MMORPG caused the Square Enix president Youichi Wada to issue a public apology to all fans and players. The company decided ultimately that the best way to salvage FFXIV was to start over. The original FFXIV was shut down in November of 2012. In order to explain to players the changes happening, a conclusion trailer titled the “Seventh Umbral Era,” was added and the company revealed that there would be a FFXIV: A Realm Reborn also later to be known as FFXIV 2.0.

In December of 2010 while FF XIV 1.0 was still running, Square Enix decided it was best to start off with a clean slate by hiring new development and planning teams. In order to fix what was wrong, new producer and director Naoki Yoshida communicated with players through forums and polls. The feedback greatly helped the team to decide what arduous and tedious game mechanics should be removed. Unlike FFXIV version 1.0 this new FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, or 2.0, eliminated things like the Fatigue System and Physical Levels. Square Enix also decided in order to achieve the best gameplay, they needed to nix the original game client and servers. By doing this, the new FFXIV would include improvements such as: lowering the high graphic PC requirements, inserting new geography to the FFXIV world, cross-server play, a new main scenario, PvP and also the ability to jump while traveling on mounts or by foot.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn will give fans and players a whole new gaming experience. There is the introduction of ffxiv arr jobs and classes, or simply put, class specializations. When it comes to character creation, there will be five different races to choose from, with slight attribute differences to prevent one race from being overpowered. The Fatigue System was completely removed and replaced with an Inn system. When a player logs out in his personal space, resting XP will be earned, allowing for faster leveling, crafting and gathering.