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Final Fantasy XIV Leveling

Want to get ahead of the crowd when Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches? Read on for some leveling tips to keep you ahead of the game!


Quests are the easiest and most straightforward way to level up in FFXIV. FFXIV’s quests are of the standard MMO variety most players will be familiar with. Main scenario quests are differentiated from general quests by their meteor icon. Progression in the main scenario unlocks new features, many of which will expedite the leveling process, so do not neglect these quests.


Guildleves are like repeatable quests. Guildleves are only accessible after completing a special quest at level 10. You may accept various types of guildleves from NPCs known as levemetes, so long as you have leve allowances, which are granted at a rate of 3 every 12 hours.

Full Time Active Events (FATE)

The FATE system is similar to the dynamic event systems from Guild Wars 2 and Rift. Currently running FATEs will appear on your map and you will automatically join the event if you are in range of it. You will be rewarded with an amount of XP that varies depending upon your contribution. If your level is too high for the FATE, you can click the Level Sync button in your quest list to temporarily become the appropriate level.

Hunting Log

Absolutely do not forget about filling up your Hunting Log! If you find yourself tempted to complain that you’ve run out of quests, you have likely been neglecting your Hunting Log. The Hunting Log provides XP for killing a certain number of monsters of the same type. Think of it as a hit list. After you’ve killed the requisite number of victims, you receive payment in the form of XP.


Dungeons, which are unlocked individually during the main scenario, are the best and fastest way to level up in FFXIV. You can register yourself in the queue for a dungeon with the new Duty Finder. It’s considered as one of the best way to make Gil as well as monster grinding. You will be automatically matched with players of the appropriate roles from across all servers, and teleported to your dungeon.

Upon completion, you will be teleported back to your previous location. For this reason, you are encouraged to solo, craft, or gather while you wait.

And Finally, the most important thing to remember about leveling up in FFXIV is to make use of the variety of activities available to you!