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Leveling Tips From 11-20

After a player has reached level 10 on their Disciple of War or Magic job, options for leveling up become much more diverse. That said, similar principles to the 1-10 progression apply. Players should continue to complete quests, which will lead them to new quest areas. FATE’s should be done when convenient to do so.

However, if this is a first job, completion of the storyline quests is a priority. By simply going where the quest lines direct, players are introduced to their first encounter with the game’s dungeon system. These experiences give a tremendous amount of experience, and also offer opportunities for much improved gear.

Dungeons and Duty Finder

There are three dungeons that assist in leveling in this range. The first is Sastasha Seagrot near Limsa Lominsa in Western La Noscea. This is tuned for character levels 15-17, though level sync allows higher level players to participate and gain experience as well. The next dungeon is Tam-Tara Deepcroft,in Central Shroud near New Gridania. This is for levels 16-18. The final dungeon is Copperbell Mines in Western Thanalan near Ul’Dah. The optimum levels for this dungeon are 17-19.

For first time explorers, the storyline quests will direct them to travel to the dungeon. When this happens, there is an NPC at the entrance that needs to be spoken with. After completion of that, the dungeon is unlocked for duty finder use. That means players can select their intended dungeon, and the game will form a party for them and indicate when it is time to enter.

The experience bonus to monster kills in dungeons is significant, and completing the dungeons will also complete portions of a job’s hunting log for even more experience. This makes these dungeons a fantastic source of experience points and gear, even for players who have already completed the associated storyline quests. Most players will queue for a dungeon while completing other tasks during their wait time.


Leves continue to be a good way to level up, and players can utilize the NPC’s in Western La Noscea, Central Shroud, or Western Thanalan for appropriate leveled leves. The speed bonus for completing a levequest is almost as significant as the bonus for raising the quest to maximum difficulty. Therefore, soloing levequests at low difficulties for speed is efficient, particularly if a player has a high allowance of levequests built up.