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Volunteering at FFExtreme

We’re often looking for new and talented people to join the FFExtreme volunteer staff group. Together, we progress the website forward in our goal to become the number one Final Fantasy resource on the internet! And as a staff member, not only do you gain valuable experience but you also have something that looks great on a resume!

Occasionally, depending on the task and our current financial situation, we may also give monetary compensation either directly or in the form of gifts.

Available Jobs

Content Writer

Since Square Enix never stops expanding its game library, we never run out of content that needs to be written. The job of a content writer is to take information from the games and put it in a guide form for us (or them) to add to the website and, as with all content on FFE, these guides must be free of plagiarism from other guides or websites.

Content Editor

From fixing grammar errors to improving the narrative flow, Content Editors strive to continuously improve the quality of the existing content on the site. While the lesser known staff position, they’re absolutely critical to both the user’s enjoyment of the site’s content and its success.

Community Leader

Our forums is a great place for users of similar interests to discuss and bond. However, there will be some users that either intentionally or unintentionally spread havoc across our humble community. Due to this, Community Leaders (also known as moderators) are trusted users that help establish and maintain order and peace throughout the community.

News Reporter / Blogger

The job of a news reporter / blogger is a busy one that offers a lot of creativity and high exposure, being on the front page of the site after all. All reporters must be dedicated to keeping the news constantly up to date so that Final Fantasy Extreme can continue having some of the best Final Fantasy coverage available on the internet.

What We Look For

While we’re not very picky with volunteer work, in order to qualify for any staff position you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Passion, experience, and skill for the position they’re applying to.
  • Fluent in English with make an effort for proper grammar.
  • Interested in or a long time fan of any Square Enix series.
  • Knowledge of WordPress or a willingness to learn.
  • Ability to contribute to FFExtreme at least twice a month.
  • Willingness to work on a team and take constructive feedback.

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