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Kingdom Hearts IV Announced

During today’s Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event, various announcements were made regarding the future of the Kingdom Hearts series. One in particular was the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV.

Square Enix has released the trailer, along with gameplay footage utilizing Unreal Engine 5.

The anniversary event kicked off yesterday in Japan’s Shibuya district, at the Shibuya Hikarie building. Below you’ll be able to watch the trailer to the new mainline entry into the series, as well as new side story games that are currently in-development.


Video courtesy of IGN.



Nanaki says:

Very interesting direction they’re taking this. Wonder if this is the new standard look or just for that world? Here’s hoping they have a more sensible story with the Ansem stuff done and explore reimagined prior worlds instead of just Pixar-esque ones!

Wuzimu says:

I think it’s the new standard, the same world was present in KH3 DLC content without change. I’m curious where it goes to next, definitely looking as if it’ll be leaning towards a more Final Fantasy style of play/story.

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