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FFXII: Revenant Wings Espers

This section lists all the available espers in the game. Rank I espers require 1 auracite to enlist; rank II espers need 2 auracites; and rank III espers require 3 auracites. Esper levels are determined by your character levels.

Rank I Espers

List not yet available…

Rank II Espers

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Rank III Espers

List not yet available…


In order for some of the Rank III Espers to appear in the Ring of Pacts, a certain condition must first be met. Check the table below for details. The rank III espers that are not listed below can be unlocked by progressing through the story and enlisting lower rank espers.

Rank III Esper Condition to Unlock
Bahamut Clear hunt #34: Wings of Midnight.
Exodus Clear hunt #23: Destiny in the Stars.
Famfrit Clear hunt #32: Darkening Clouds Gather.
Gilgamesh Clear hunt #36: Battle on the Big Bridge.
Hashmal Clear hunt #17: Rumble in the Jungle.
Shemhazai Clear hunt #22: Echoes of Thunder.
Ultima Clear hunt #12: Otherworldly Beauty.
Zalera Clear hunt #29: Dance of the Dead.
Zodiark Clear hunt #35: Keeper of Percepts.