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FFXII: Revenant Wings Buffs and Debuffs

Below is a list of all the status effects in the game. Buffs are positive status effects, while debuffs are negative status effects.

Status Type Effect
Barrier Buff Boosts both physical and magick defense.
Berserk Buff Character mindlessly attacks random enemy units
Bravery Buff Boosts strength of physical attacks.
Faith Buff Boosts strength of magick attacks.
Float Buff Turns non-flying unit into flying unit.
Haste Buff Speeds up recovery time between actions.
Heroism Buff Boosts both physical and magic attacks.
Invisible Buff Renders a character invisible.
Protect Buff Boosts physical defense.
Regen Buff Character gradually recovers HP.
Shell Buff Boosts magick defense.
Blind Debuff Lowers accuracy of character’s physical attack.
Confuse Debuff Character cannot take commands.
Disable Debuff Character is unable to execute commands.
Immobilize Debuff Character becomes unable to move.
K.O. Debuff Character’s HP has been reduced to 0.
Poison Debuff Character gradually loses HP.
Silence Debuff Prevents units from casting magick spells.
Sleep Debuff Puts character to sleep.
Slow Debuff Slows down recovery time between actions.
Stop Debuff Prevents movement and executing commands.