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Kingdom Hears III is expected to have 80+ hours of content

Kingdom Hearts 3’s main campaign will have around 40-50 hours of play but it will take 80+ hours to complete the Disney / Final Fantasy crossover RPG in its entirety.

As reported by Geek.com of whom played the hour-long demo, there’ll be several mini-games, including a Ratatouille-based cooking game and “20 different old-school Tiger Toys/Game & Watch style 2D side scrolling games based on Mickey cartoons from the 1930s and 40s” . Tony also went on to say, “From what I experienced, it seems this long-awaited installment will have everything fans could have hoped for and more. Even newbies to the series will find a lot to like here.”

However, it was a Square Enix representative at the event that mentioned the length of the new game, “Kingdom Hearts 3 is around 40-50 hours if you stay on the critical path. Including the mini-games, players can expect 80+ hours of content.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released on the 29th of January, 2019, for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Citation: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-29-kingdom-hearts-3-will-have-80-hours-of-content

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