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FF4 Arrows

Name Location Cost Attack Other
Angel Land of Summons, Sylvan Cave 110 0
Artemis Lunar Subterrane 0
Bolt Troia, Troia Castle, Sylvan Cave 30 0 Bolt elemental
Brass Kaipo, Damcyan, Agart 10 0
Darkness Dwarf Castle 40 0 Darkness elemental
Fire Troia, Troia Castle, Sylvan Cave 30 0 Fire elemental
Holy Damcyan, Mt. Hobs, Mysidia, Agart 20 0 Holy elemental
Ice Troia, Troia Castle, Tower of Babil, Sylvan Cave 30 0 Ice elemental
Mute Eblan Castle, Tomra 100 0 Silence elemental
Poison Cave Eblan 70 0 Poison elemental
Yoichi Land of Summons, Giant of Babil, Kokkol’s Smithy 140 0