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Final Fantasy VII: AC Vehicles

Advent Children not only delivered intricate character and location creation, but also included the most interesting designed vehicles. Throughout the movie, motorcycles, airships, and helicopters are seen racing across the screen, and many of the well developed battle scenes take place using these automobiles. Here are some of the main vehicles used and often seen throughout the movie.


Cloud’s bike Fenrir has been given some unique design to it. Since Cloud’s sword composes of several smaller swords, Fenrir has incorporated ‘slots’ inside the bike for his multiple piece sword. The bike opens up on either sides, releasing his weapons, or storing it inside when the weapons are not needed. Fenrir consists of two giant wheels and is black for the most part, except for the golden exhaust pipes extending to the end of the motorcycle.

Cloud’s bike was also interestingly named as well. Fenrir, also referred to as Fenris, was a giant wolf creature in Norse mythology. Fenrir grew so enormous that the gods of this mythology feared the wolf, never having any courage to face him. Instead of battling the wolf, they tricked him into letting them shackle his feet. However, Fenrir was so immensely strong that he broke the fetters with ease. The gods were so terrified that they created a ribbon made from impossibilities: mountain roots, a woman’s beard, the sound of a walking cat, the breath of fish, a bird’s spittle, and the sinews of a bear. The ribbon was powerful enough to restrain the wolf. In revenge against what the gods had done, he bit the hand of Tyr, god of war. The gods chained Fenrir with the ribbon to a rock, and one day Fenrir would break free of the rock, and destroy the god Odin in the battle of Ragnarok, the ultimate battle. Fenrir was struck down by Vidar, Odin’s son, by breaking the jaw of the giant beast-wolf.

Silver Haired Brothers: Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz Motorcycles

A lot of battle sequences take place with these three bikes. Kadaj, Yazoo, And Loz each have the same bike, a rusty green color with three giant size exhaust pipes at the tail. Each motorbike has gigantic wheels and appears to be able to withstand a lot of damage (seeing that these bikes are tossed around and banged up many times during the movie). Although Cloud’s motorcycle was given a name, these three bikes ridden by the Silver Haired Brothers were never given names.

The Sierra

During the two years from Final Fantasy VII to Advent Children, Cid created a new aircraft: The Sierra. The Sierra’s interior is much like the Highwind, having a circular window as the entire front of airship, except this time adding part of the floor as the window. The Sierra resembles Final Fantasy X and X2’s exterior airship designs, yet definitely having a unique twist of its own. The Sierra has a dark, silver coloring on the outside, and a wooden interior.

Shin-Ra Turk Helicopter

This helicopter is also shown in Final Fantasy VII: Last Order. The helicopter looks extremely similar of a military one, bearing the Shin-Ra logo on the back end tail and on the side. This helicopter was used in the investigation at the Northern Crater, as well as to track down the two escapees from the Old Shin-Ra Mansion, Cloud and Zack.