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Dragon Quest is Finally Coming Back

So, here we are. Finally getting a release from the main series after eight long years. It’s about damn time. Now, I’m aware that we have gotten a few other Dragon Quest spin-off games since then. There are the Dragon Quest Heroes games, which play more like the Dynasty Warrior games. Then there’s the Dragon Quest Builders, got decent reviews, I didn’t look into it or bother with it much. I played the first Dragon Quest Heroes game, and while it has some fun elements, it didn’t keep me glued. But finally, on September 4, we’re getting Dragon Quest XI on PS4 and PC.

The last time we were graced with the appearance from the Dragon Quest franchise was with Dragon Quest IX, released in the states in 2009. Released on the Nintendo DS, I loved it. That class system has always been one of my favorite things in the series, and this installment also had lots of post-game content you could download through updates. Next after that? It was Dragon Quest X.

And It never left Japan.

I wasn’t particularly happy about it. Do you know how amped I was for a Dragon Quest online game? That’s what Dragon Quest X was, for those that might not be familiar. It came out first in Wii in 2012, then the Wii U in 2013. Now at the time, I could understand why it didn’t come stateside. The Wii was already becoming obsolete, and the Wii U… well, it didn’t do too hot I had one, mostly in hopes of a new Zelda game, but the most I got was the Wind Waker remake. Mario games were killer though. But the Wii U didn’t do great, and the first release of Dragon Quest X was on that console. I was disappointed, but I could hold out for future releases. Surely they’d release it on the PC, the handheld, or PS4!

Eventually, they did release it on those things. It still didn’t get outside of Japan. I found so many reasons as to why it wasn’t, mostly speculation. As far as I could tell? Dragon Quest was never as huge as other games in the states like Final Fantasy. Not only that, Square Enix sales weren’t doing too great, and they were spending a good bit of time promoting the reboot of Final Fantasy XIV. But it all worked out. But still, no English release for Dragon Quest X, and that made me a sad guy.

So all we got in between was Dragon Quest Heroes, and that Builders thing. Yay.

But no longer! Just look at the Square Enix website or their twitter. Last I checked, they’re running out of pre-orders for their special addition for all kinds of goodies. The game has already been out for over a year in Japan. Now we finally get a chance. Dragon Quest XI will be available September 4th.

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